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Any eCard or email layout can easily be turned into an invitation or survey. Your email can also contain links to both an invitation and survey which is useful if you want people to RSVP and you have a specific detailed questionnaire you want them to complete before an event.

This tutorial covers how to insert an RSVP or survey response link into your email. You must have an event or a survey set up in your account before you can use this feature. Please refer to those tutorials for more details.

How to Insert an Event RSVP Link

  • On the "Compose Email" screen's Email Content area, click the 'Event Link' button
  • Select the event for people to RSVP. Only future events will appear in this drop down list

How to Insert a Link to a Survey

  • On the "Compose Email" screen's Email Content area, click the 'Survey Link' button
  • Select the survey you want people to respond to

For eCards, the button to the RSVP and Survey response forms will automatically be included underneath the eCard

For email layouts, the button will automatically be included at the top of the email

How to Make Customized Survey and RSVP Buttons

  • To customize the default CorpNote button
    • place your cursor in the email editor where you want the button to appear
    • click the "Default Button"
  • To link an image or text
    • highlight an image or text
    • click the "Custom Link" button

thumb_up Important Notes

  • "Preview" your email to see where the links to your response forms are appearing and click those links to make sure they are working as you intended. Once you send an email, you cannot change it.
  • Do not edit the link URL for the linked button, image or text. The link information is only for use in the email editor. When you preview your email, the link will automatically go to the response form for the event and/or survey selected.

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