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The Layout Builder Creates Stackable Email Content Blocks

CorpNote's Layout Builder enables you to quickly combine images and text into 'Layout Blocks' to be used as the body of your email message. Layout Blocks can be stacked and rearranged, inserted into your email for further editing, or saved as reusable content blocks for future emails.

How to Create Layout Blocks

  • Go to Email > My Layouts and click the 'Layout Builder' tab
  • Click this icon help to see an overview of the types of layout blocks you can create
  • Step 1: Choose a layout block style by clicking on the image that represents the type of layout block you want to create
  • Step 2: Select an image or click the "Skip" button to add the image later
    • Click the "My Images" tab to search for and select from your images
    • Click the "Image Library" tab to search for and select an image from the 'CorpNote Library.' (Note: This image library works the same way as when you insert an image into an email)
  • Click the "add more blocks" button to repeat Steps 1 & 2 until you have all of the layout blocks you need
  • Click the "remove all blocks" button to start over.
  • Step 3: Arrange your layout blocks by using the number drop down menu to move content blocks to a different position. Click "Delete" to remove a single block.
  • Click "insert into email" to add your new layout blocks to a new email or one you are working on
  • Click "save as layout" if you want to edit and then save this layout for future use.
  • thumb_up Important Notes

    • If you chose to "save as layout," follow the instructions for "How to Edit a Saved Email Layout" in the prior tutorial for Editing and Saving Layouts
    • Until you click the button for "insert into email" or "save as layout," your layout blocks will remain in the Layout Builder. For example, if you leave the Layout Builder to view a sent email and then come back to the Layout Builder, you can continue to add layout blocks or click the "manage your layout blocks" button to continue to work on the layout blocks you have created.

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