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Email layouts are highly customizable and make it easy to send quick emails for any occasion - such as birthdays, holidays, reminders and more. They can also be turned into email templates that can used in automated email campaigns.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use our email layout library which contains pre-designed emails for many occasions, how to customize and save your favorite email layouts, and how to create your own email layouts from scratch. No coding experience necessary!

If you are a Multi User Administrator, you can share your saved email layouts with your users for brand and message consistency.

CorpNote's Email Layout Library

Our email layout library contains pre-designed emails for:

  • birthday and anniversary eCards
  • holiday eCards
  • email newsletters
  • sales flyers
  • invitations
  • surveys
  • and more...

How to Choose an Email Layout

  • Go to Email > New Email/Newsletter
  • To use the CorpNote Library, click the "Layout Library" tab to search by occasion, holiday or keyword and then select one of the following:

Use layout with the default styles shown in the thumbnail image

Use layout with the 'Current Email Color' styles

Use layout with the reverse of the 'Current Email Color' styles

Preview the layout full-size and select your color style option

favorite Bookmark the layout as a 'favorite'. Once you have favorites, you can access them by clicking the heart next to the search button

  • To use your own email layouts, click the "My Layouts" tab
  • If you are a Multi User Plan member, you can access email layouts provided by your administrator by selecting the "Admin Layouts" tab

thumb_up Important Notes for Email Layouts

  • If you are adding an Event RSVP or Survey Response as part of your email, the buttons to the response forms will automatically be included at the top of the email. You can change where they display when composing your email message (next tutorial)
  • Multi User Administrators can block access to CorpNote's email layout library and still provide shared customized email layouts with their users.

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