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This tutorial covers how to view an address book contact's consolidated history which includes all email, invitations and surveys sent to the contact. To view a consolidated history for an email address that is not in your address book, view the tutorial for View/Manage Historic Data.

View Address Book Contact History

From the search results, click the icon pageview next to a contact to view:

  • Contact information you provided for the contact
  • Contact added date
  • Email lists assigned to them. Email lists with automated email campaigns have this icon
  • Sent emails including whether the email was viewed
  • Saved emails addressed to this contact but not sent
  • Invitations and their response
  • Survey's sent to the contact and their response

To send an email to the contact, click the button for "new eCard," "new email" or "use template"

thumb_up Important Notes

  • Click on the links in the historic information to see more details on the specific email, invitation or survey that was sent to the contact.
  • Click the edit icon edit to edit just the contact information
  • Click the delete icon delete to remove the contact from your address book or delete all historic data for that specific contact (see next tutorial for important information regarding deleting contacts)

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