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If your address book contacts have a birth date, an anniversary date or a start date, you can send birthday and anniversary emails by viewing 'reminders'. Reminders appear under My Account > Dashboard > Dates.

The following tutorial covers how to view and use email reminders. You can also view contacts that have automated email campaigns set for that week. For instructions on how to automate anniversary and birthday email campaigns, view our Email Automation tutorial.

How to Send a Birthday or Anniversary Email from your Reminders

  • Go to My Account > Dashboard and click the 'Dates' tab
  • Click the button for 'new eCard,' 'new email' or 'use template'
    • If you chose 'new eCard,' you can select an eCard design from our eCard library or from your images
    • If you chose 'new email,' select an email layout from your saved layouts or use one from our pre-designed layout library
    • If you chose 'use template,' find the template you want to use and select "Use Template" from the options drop down menu
  • Create/Edit your message as usual and click preview. As soon as you click preview, the email will be in your "saved emails" bin. If you do not click preview, you must click "cancel".
  • From the preview screen, choose 'address and send' and your contact's email address will appear in the Address List
  • You can send the email now or schedule it to be sent on a specific date

thumb_up Important Notes

  • Once you compose your email message and save your changes, the reminder for that person will no longer appear
  • If you have set a recurring anniversary or birthday automated email campaign, the reminder for that contact will still appear in the reminder list and you will see this icon This icon represents an automated email campaign.. Click the icon to view the automated email campaign.

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