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Once you add your contacts, you can segment them into targeted email lists, assign them to automated email campaigns and track a specific contact's email views and responses.

Search Contacts

  • Go to My Account > Address Book to quickly search for a contact by name or email
  • Click the 'Search' tab to perform a more advanced search such as company name, birthday, category or comments
  • Once you find the contact, click the desired icon to view, edit or delete the contact.

View Contact and History

  • When you click the view icon, you will see that contact's information which includes the email lists you have assigned them to.
  • To send an email to the contact, click the button for "eCard," "email" or "template"
  • Click the "Emails" tab to see a history of the emails you have sent to that contact and whether they viewed the email. If an email contained a link to an event or a survey, you will see whether they responded.
  • Click the Invitations tab to see a consolidated list of event invitations you sent to the contact and their response.
  • Click the Surveys tab to see a consolidated list of surveys you sent to the contact and their response.

Edit Contact

  • Click the edit icon next to a contact
  • Edit any field as well as add/remove a contact from email lists. Email lists that an associated automated email campaign are marked with an icon Email lists that have an automated email campaign assigned are marked with this icon.
  • Adding categories and notes is especially helpful to search for contacts and manage your email lists.

Delete Contacts

  • If you click the delete icon, you will see a confirm delete screen so you can verify you want to delete that specific contact.
  • Deleted contacts cannot be restored.
  • All scheduled emails for the contact will be deleted.
  • You will no longer see a consolidated history for this contact.

thumb_up Tip: You can delete several contacts at one time from the search results screen. Check the box next to each person's name and then click the 'Delete Checked' button.

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