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Once you add contacts to your address book, you can easily search for specific contacts to create targeted email lists, edit a contact's information and delete contacts. You can also assign them to automated email campaigns and track a specific contact's email views and event and survey responses.

Search Address Book Contacts

  • Use the search box to quickly find a contact by first name, last name or email. Matching contacts will appear automatically in the search results below as you type.
  • Click the 'Advanced Search' link to search:
    • name, email, company, category or comments
    • "date range" for birthday, anniversary, start date and added date
    • choose which fields to show in your search results and how you want the results sorted
  • After you search, you can return to the advanced search filters and further modify your search parameters.

thumb_up Important Notes

Ignore Year/Include Year in Date Range:
'Ignore year' displays contacts where the date falls between the month range selected.

  • E.g., with Ignore Year selected, a birthday search from 5/1/2000 to 5/31/2000 would show everyone in your address book with a birthday in May, regardless of the year.
  • E.g., with Include Year selected for the search above, you would only see contacts with a birthday in May of the year 2000.

Searching a single day

Enter a date only in the 'From' field and leave the 'To' field blank. The search results will include just that specific date (all years if "ignore year" is selected)

Find all Contacts that have a Birthday, Anniversary or Start Date

Use the advanced search and select the type (ie. birthday) from the 'date range' menu and enter a date range of 1/1/any year to 12/31/any year. For birthday and anniversary, make sure the radio button for "ignore year" is set. Your results will include only contacts that have information for the type you selected.

Find all Contacts that do not have a Birthday, Anniversary or Start Date

Use the advanced search and select the field you want to 'show' (ie. birthday) and the select the 'sort' to also be that field. Do not enter any other information in the search fields. All contacts without a date will appear at the top followed by contacts that contain a date.

Searching Contacts in Email Lists and When Addressing an Email

All of the above search and sort features work the same way when working with email lists and when addressing emails.

Edit Address Book Contact

  • From the search results, click the edit icon edit next to a contact
  • Edit any field as well as add/remove a contact from email lists. Email lists that have an associated automated email campaign are marked with an icon Email lists that have an automated email campaign assigned are marked with this icon.
  • We recommend that you add categories and notes for each contact to make it easier to search for contacts and manage email lists.

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