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You can build your email list by linking directly to your subscribe form from your website, social media or in email sent through other email software.

The subscribe form uses two-step verification. After submitting the form, the subscriber will receive an email with a link they must click to validate the subscription.

How to Link to your Subscribe Form

  • Go to My Account > Address Book and click the 'Subscribers' tab
  • Under the section 'Subscribe / Unsubscribe Forms,' you will see a link for your Subscribe Form
  • If you click the link, you will see the form as if you are a subscriber
  • If you complete the form and click the 'subscribe' button, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address provided in the form

thumb_up Important Notes

  • Every email, invitation and survey you send through CorpNote contains a link to subscribe to your email list. If an email is forwarded and a person clicks the 'Subscribe' link, they can subscribe to your email list.
  • If you have a 'custom interface' as part of your membership, the confirmation email will contain your custom interface so your subscribers can easily identify you as the sender.

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