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When you have new subscribers or existing contacts in your address book that subscribe, you will see this notice on your account 'Dashboard' in the Address Book section and on the 'Subscribers' tab in the Address Book.

edit New Subscribers to Review

View/Import Subscriber Contacts

Click the 'Subscribers to Review' button to import new subscribers and update existing contacts.

  • New Contacts: Subscribers with checkboxes are NEW and can be bulk or individually added to your address book.
  • Address Book Contacts: Subscribers with an update button are already in your address book and can be updated with the new information.
  • Remove Subscribers: For Subscribers that you do not want to add or update in your address book, click the remove button to permanently remove the information from this screen. The remove button will not remove existing contact information from your address book. Deleted "Subscriber" contacts CANNOT be restored.

How to Import New Subscribed Contacts

  • Add a Single Contact: enables you to edit the information and assign the subscriber to email lists
    • Click the 'Add/Edit' button to review and edit the subscriber's submitted information
    • Add the contact to any of your email lists and add comments
    • Click the 'Save Contact' button
  • Add Multiple Contacts: enables you to bulk add contacts with the same category and comments
    • Check the box next to each contact you want to add
    • Click the "select all" checkbox to select all contacts on the page
    • Enter a "Category" that will be applied to all contacts so you can easily find this group of contacts in your address book
    • Enter 'Comments' that will be applied to all contacts
    • Click the "Add Selected to Address Book" button
    • Contacts will immediately be added to your address book

thumb_up Important Notes

  • The adding 'single' contacts option provides the most flexibility and enables you to add a contact to email lists at the time you are adding them. If an email list is assigned to an automated email campaign, the new subscriber will start receiving your emails on the next 'send date' specified for that automated email campaign.
  • The adding 'multiple' contacts option is most useful when you have a lot of contacts to import. If you enter a specific comment or category for the bulk import, you will be able to easily add those contacts to an email list by using the 'advanced search' option when managing your email lists.

How to View/Update Address Book Contacts

Your CorpNote address book uses the contact's email address as the unique identifier for a contact. If a subscriber enters an email address that matches an email address in your address book, you will see an 'Update' button next to that subscriber's information.

  • Click the 'Update' button to review the subscriber's submitted information
  • Click the radio button next to the information that you want to KEEP in your address book for that contact
  • Click the 'Save Changes' button
  • The address book contact will be updated.

thumb_up Important Notes

  • If you update an address book contact with their new submitted information, the prior information for the fields you selected cannot be restored.

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