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Whether you are creating an eCard or using an email layout, the process of creating an email is basically the same. In both options you have the ability to choose your own colors, personalize your message, add a logo, contact information and include links to your website and social media.

Here are the main differences.


Email Designs:

The Basics of Sending a CorpNote Email

Step 1: Choose an eCard Design or Email Layout

  • Use our eCard library or upload your own images
  • Use our email layout library or create your own customized layouts

Step 2: Compose your email message and insert supporting imagery

  • Choose your email colors and font styles
  • Create your greeting line or use auto fill for the greeting and first name
  • Create your email message using our feature rich text editor
  • Add your own images or images from our library anywhere in your email message
  • Add links to an invitation or survey response form
  • Add a pre-set email signature with your logo, contact information and social media links or create your own custom email signature

Step 3: Address & Send/Schedule your email

  • Manually add email addresses or use your address book/email lists you have set up
  • Send your email now or schedule it to be sent

thumb_up As you follow this tutorial, we recommend that you send yourself several test emails so you see how our system works and what your emails will look like in an email inbox. If you like your test emails, you can quickly make them into email templates and email templates are essential if you plan on setting up automated email campaigns.

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