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Once you have composed your email and previewed it, you can address it by:

  1. typing or pasting individual email addresses, one per line,
  2. adding individual recipients from your address book, or
  3. sending the email to everyone in an email list that you have previously created.

You can then select whether to send the email immediately, or schedule it to be sent any day in the future.

This tutorial covers how to address and send your email now or schedule your email to be sent on a date you specify.

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Add Your Email Subject Line

This is the text your recipient sees when your email appears in their email inbox. Subject lines are limited to 100 characters.

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Add Email Preheader Text

Email preheader text is an additional line of text that appears after the subject line in most people's email inboxes. Email preheader text is limited to 100 characters.

thumb_up Important Notes

If you leave the preheader field blank, the email preheader text will display the text that appears first in your email. If you include preheader text that is less than the number of characters your contact has set to display, then your contact will see your preheader text and then the first sentence or two from your email.

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How to Add Recipients

You can address your email to individual email addresses or send to an email list you have set up in your address book.

Add Email addresses to the Send List

  • Click in the text box to enter your email addresses or copy and paste your list of email addresses from another application or text file. In either case, make sure that your email addresses are one per line. When you are finished, click the 'Add Recipient(s) to Address List' button once, and your addresses will appear in the "Address List ".
  • Click the "address book" button to select contacts from your address book. You can search and sort from this screen in the same way as when you are managing contacts in your address book. Click the checkbox next to the names of the contacts you want to include. To remove contacts from your send list, uncheck the box.

With either of these two methods, you are limited to 250 email addresses per email.

Send to an Email List

  • You must have an email list setup in your address book to use this feature
  • Click on "Send to email list" and from the drop down menu select the email list you want to send to
  • Click the "continue" button

With this method, you can send to up to 2,500 email addresses per email.

thumb_up Important Notes

  • You can either add recipients by using "email addresses" or "send to an email list" but you cannot do both in the same email.
  • If you have selected to send to "email addresses" and decide to click to "send to an email list" instead, you will lose the email addresses you entered as soon as you click the "continue" button. The email will now be designated to be sent to an "email list" and any names you had entered before this change will be permanently removed from the email. You will need to re-enter email addresses if you switch back to the "email addresses" option.
  • If you selected the "greeting" line autofill option when composing your email, only the contacts from your address book or email list will see their first name in the greeting line.

Send Now or Schedule Your Email

You can send your email immediately or you can schedule a delivery date. If you want to select a delivery date:

  • Click 'Select Date' and either choose a date using the calendar icon or enter a date
  • When finished, click the 'Schedule Email' button

thumb_up Important Notes

  • Your scheduled emails are available in your "saved/scheduled emails" bin until the date they are sent. To change the date, choose "address/send" from that email's drop down menu and choose a new date.
  • Once your email is sent, it will be moved to the "sent emails" bin where you can view track views and responses. For more information, refer to the "Tracking and Reports" tutorial.

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