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Sending Email keyboard_arrow_right Compose your Email Message - Closing and Email Signature

Your email closing line and email signature appear at the bottom of your email.

The email signature displays the contact information that you previously entered in Account Preferences, under 'Signature Options' and 'Signature Layout'. Each email or eCard allows you to display or hide your saved signature information, display only certain items or make the signature text smaller, to suit your needs on an individual email basis.

How to Insert a Closing

The closing appears after the "email body." On the "Compose Email" screen, you will have the following options in the "Closing" section.

  • Pre-Select from Common Closings: From the drop down list, select a common closing such as 'Sincerely' or 'Best Regards'
  • Create Your Own Closing: If you select (None) from the Closing drop down menu, what you type in the open text box next to it will be the closing text
  • Combine Closing Text: If you select a closing from drop down menu and also type in the open text box next to it, then your text will be combined with the common closing you selected
  • Use Your Own Text: If you select (None) from the Common Closings drop down menu and do not enter anything in the open text box next to it, then what you type in the open text box will be the closing text
  • To Remove the Closing: If you select (None) from the Common Closings drop down menu and do not enter anything in the text boxes, then your email will have no closing line.

How to Include the Default Email Signature

This tutorial requires that you have reviewed and completed the tutorial for Account Setup - Email Signature & Logo.

  • Check the box for "Use Signature" to quickly select from the default email signature items you pre-defined when you setup your account
  • Check the box for "make smaller" if you want your email signature to appear a font size smaller than the "master" font style you have selected for the email
  • Un-check the "Use Signature" box if you do not wish to use the default email signature. For example, you may have saved an email footer in the "layout library" and want to use that instead. See the email layouts tutorial for more information on how to create different types of re-usable email signatures.

thumb_up Important

Preview your email at any time by clicking on the "Save & Preview" button. This is the best way to see how the email signature will display.

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If you need additional help, please refer to our Help Center or complete our Priority Email Support Form.

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