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Master styles control the default colors and font styles for your email. Master styles can be further customized or overwritten using the text editor tools.

How to Set Master Styles

Select default, custom or my favorite and then click the "Apply / Save Changes" button to see your style changes in the text editor.

  • Default Style
    • For eCards: If you have selected a CorpNote eCard, the default will have our recommended "default" colors and styles for that design. If you have selected one of your images to begin a "New eCard," the default will be what you have set in your account preferences.
    • For email layouts: black and white is always the default.
  • Custom Style
    • Enables you to select the styles you want for this specific email. Click on the color picker to visually choose a color or enter the hex # value to apply a specific color.
    • All email layouts from the CorpNote library or your saved layouts will default to "Custom Style" when you insert them. The styles will be specific to the layout you selected but can be adjusted as needed.
  • My Favorite Style
    • These styles reflect what you have set in your account preferences.

thumb_up Important Notes

  • We recommend that you choose a font size that is large enough to be legible on mobile phones.
  • If no styles are selected, then the default colors are black text on a white background.
  • Click the "preview" button to see what your email will look like with the styles you have selected.

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