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When you create an email/eCard and preview it, or schedule it for delivery, you are "saving" the email. Saved emails can be changed at any time up until the date the email is sent. To manage your saved emails, from the navigation go to Email > Saved/Scheduled Emails.

This tutorial covers all of the options you have BEFORE an email is sent. Emails scheduled with Email Automation will not appear in the "Saved and Scheduled Emails" area. See the Email Automation tutorial for more information.

How to Edit your Email's Content

  • Go to Email > Saved/Scheduled Emails
  • All of your saved and scheduled emails show by default
  • Click the "Search and Sort" tab to filter results by an email's created date range, comments and/or type:
    • Saved and Not Scheduled
    • Scheduled
    • Invitations
    • Surveys
    • Follow Up Emails
  • In the drop-down menu next to a saved email, select 'Edit Message'
  • Make your changes and then click the 'Preview/Save' button. This action saves any changes you have made, and you can leave the page at this point without losing your changes.
  • Click the 'Address/Send' button to review/add recipients and send/schedule your email

How to Edit Recipients, the Subject Line or Scheduled Date for a Saved Email

  • Go to Email > Saved/Scheduled Emails
  • To search for a specific email, click the "Search and Sort" tab
  • In the drop-down menu next to a saved email, select 'Address/Send'
  • On this screen you can:
    • Change the subject line
    • Add/remove email recipients or choose to send to an email list
    • Send your email or schedule it to be sent

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thumb_up Important Notes

  • Scheduled emails will remain in "Saved and Scheduled Emails" until they are sent on your scheduled date or you delete them
  • Scheduled emails can be modified up until the date they are scheduled to be sent
  • You can reschedule emails for a different date at any time
  • Scheduled emails will not be sent if your membership is terminated or your credit card expires.
  • Email messages sent using "Email Automation" will not appear in your "Saved and Scheduled Emails" bin
Saved/Scheduled Email Options
View Email
View the full email as your recipients will see it.
Copy Email
Creates an exact copy of your email. You can edit the content, add recipients, and send/schedule this new email without modifying the original.
Only you can see your comments and you can search for a specific email based on your comments.
Delete Email
This option permanently deletes an email. Deleted emails cannot be recovered.

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