Email Tracking and Reports keyboard_arrow_right Sent Emails

After you send an email, you can view the pickup status, download statistical reports, save the email as an email template and more. Emails sent using Email Automation will also appear in this area.

This tutorial covers all of the options you have after an email has been sent.

How to Access Sent Emails

  • Go to Email > Sent Emails
  • All sent emails show by default
  • Click the "Search and Sort" tab to filter results by date range, comments and/or specific type such as: invitations, surveys, automated email campaigns or follow up emails.
  • Next to each email is a summary with the date it was sent, who it was sent to and the open rate.
  • Click on the icon to quickly view:
    • Pickup status icon Recipients and pickup status
    • Invitation RSVP icon Invitation responses
    • Online Surveys icon Survey responses
    • Automated emails icon the associated Automated Email campaign
  • Click the 'View/Share' button to view the email in your browser or share your email in social
  • Click the 'Copy Link' button to generate a direct website link to the 'browser version' of your email. You can then 'paste' this link in your blog, on your website, in social media or in a text message.
  • The drop-down menu has several options: (the next tutorial covers the first 5 options in more detail)
    • Recipients and Pickup Status
    • Invitation Responses
    • Invitation List
    • Survey Responses
    • Survey List
    • Comments
    • Copy
    • Save as Template
    • Save as QuickSend Template
    • Download Excel Report
    • Delete

thumb_up Important Notes

  • Once an email is sent, you can no longer edit it.
  • If you select to delete an email, it is permanently deleted. Deleted emails cannot be restored. Your email recipients will no longer be able to view the email.
Sent Email Options
Only you can see your comments and it helps to be descriptive. You can search for a specific email based on your comments.
Copy Email
Creates an exact copy of your email. You can edit the content, add new recipients, and send/schedule this new email without affecting the original.
Save as Template

You can save your email as a template to use when creating new emails or to assign to automated email campaigns.

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Save as QuickSend Template

You can save your email as a QuickSend template to use when you want to send a pre-designed email in seconds.

Tutorial: QuickSend Speed Templates

Delete Email
Once you click the confirm delete button, the email is permanently deleted. Deleted emails cannot be restored.

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