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For each email you send, you can view email campaign statistics on an aggregate or individual basis.

This tutorial covers how to view your open rate, track individual recipient views, see responses to invitations and surveys related to a specific email, and how to download reports.

How to View Aggregate Statistics for Past 7, 30 and 60 Days

  • Go to My Account > Dashboard
  • In the 'Email Summary' section, you will see overall statistics for the emails you have sent in the last 7 days.
  • Click on the link for 30 days or 60 days to see the total number of emails sent during that time frame, the total number of recipients emails were sent to and your overall 'open rate' as a percentage.

thumb_up Important Notes

  • Your actual open rate most likely exceeds our numbers. We measure unique open rates if your recipients email inbox images are set to display, or your recipients click to view an email in a browser.

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How to Track Views for a Single Email

  • Go to Email > Sent Emails
  • For each email you will see:
    • number of recipients including whether it was sent to an email list
    • number of emails picked up - designated by a green envelope Pickup status icon
    • number of emails not picked up - designated by a gray envelope Pickup status icon
    • and the 'Open Rate' percentage for that email
  • Select Recipients and Pickup Status from the options menu to see more detailed information for each recipient:
    • whether a recipient viewed the email
    • how many times they viewed it
    • and if they responded to an invitation or survey associated with the email
  • To get additional information and to filter:
    • Click the green envelope Pickup status icon next to a contact's name/email address to view the dates and times they viewed the email
    • Click the "Picked Up" tab to filter just the recipients who viewed the email
    • Click the "Not Picked Up" tab to filter just the recipients who did not view the email
    • Click a contacts name to view their entry in your address book which includes all emails, invitations and surveys sent to the contact
    • For recipients who are not in your address book, click + Add Contact to add them

thumb_up Important Notes

  • You will see anonymous "direct link" views if you posted a link to your email in social media, on a website or in a text message

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How to View Responses from a Sent Email

If you sent an email that has an associated event or survey or both, you can view whether a recipient responded.

  • People who responded to your invitation will have this icon
    • Click the icon to view their response
    • If you allowed people to bring guests, you will also see who they are bringing
  • People who responded to the survey will have this icon
    • Click the response icon to view their response
    • This icon will be gray if they have not yet responded

thumb_up Important Notes

You may see multiple responses for one or more recipients. This can happen if:

  • they responded more than once
  • they forwarded your email and another person responded

How to Download a Statistics Report for a Single Email

You can export your email stats as a .csv comma delimited file that can be imported into other programs that accept this type of file.

  • From an email's drop-down menu choose 'Recipients and Pickup Status'
  • To download all stats for the email, click the 'Download Report' button next the heading for 'Recipient List - All'
  • To filter stats for the email, click the "Picked Up" tab or the "Not Picked Up" tab and then click the 'Download Report' button

thumb_up Important Notes

  • .csv comma delimited files can be opened in most spreadsheet programs (like MS Excel or Apple's Pages) for further analysis.

How to Download a Statistics Report for Multiple Emails

  • Go to Email > Sent Emails
  • Click the "Search and Sort" tab to filter results by date range, comments and/or specific type such as: invitations, surveys or automated email campaigns
  • To download statistics for all of the email displayed in your search results, click the 'Download Report' button
  • The data contained in the .csv comma delimited file includes:
    • the date and time each email was sent
    • the subject line and preheader
    • the total recipients and open rate stats
    • whether the email contained an event and/or survey
    • whether the email is a Resend or a Follow Up for an event and/or survey
    • and your comments

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