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Getting Started

We recommend that you set your personal preferences so all options are available when you create your first eCard, invitation or survey. By setting your preferences now, you can substantially reduce the amount of time it takes to create your eCards.

Set Your Custom eCard Signature

  • Your signature displays at the bottom of every eCard and contains your name, logo, business contact information, website link and social media links.
  • Upload a logo or picture to appear next to your signature which can be aligned left, right or center.
Your eCard signature with contact information and website links can display at the bottom of every eCard.

Set Your Favorite Styles

  • Saving your favorite eCard styles lets you quickly format the colors, text styles and other preferences for every new eCard and invitation you create.
  • You can always adjust these settings on each individual eCard to further personalize it.

Set up your Address Book

  • Using the address book not only enables you to quickly address your eCards but it also gives you the ability to use features like first name auto-fill, set recurring eCards and more.
  • Enter contacts or them import from popular email programs like Outlook or spreadsheets such as MS Excel.
  • Create Groups, which enable a fast, single-click solution to addressing large mailings.

Custom Interface to Match Your Brand

  • For Single Users who selected the "custom interface" option and for Multi-User Administrators.
  • Customize the CorpNote website to display your logo and color scheme on your eCards, invitations and surveys.
You can change the CorpNote website to display your logo and color scheme on all your eCards, invitations and surveys.

Create eCards and Templates

The basic steps:

  • Choose one of our eCard designs or upload your own
  • Compose your message using our text editor
  • Select recipient(s) by using the address book or hand typing the email addresses
  • Send your eCard immediately or choose a future date/time for the card to be sent

If you're new to CorpNote, we recommend that you send an eCard to yourself so you can see how all of the features work and make adjustments before sending eCards to your email list. You can easily use the 'Save eCard As...' feature to create a copy of an eCard that you want to send to your contacts.

Creating eCard templates substantially reduces the time it takes to send an eCard.

You can also create eCard Templates which enable you to quickly access frequently used eCards so you can send a preformatted eCard in less than 30 seconds. Use our Message Helper to further save time by creating preferred messages that can easily be inserted into your eCards. Templates also enable you to set recurring eCards for birthdays, anniversaries, holiday eCards and more.

Create Online Invitations

The basic steps:

  • Create an event.
  • Create and send an eCard with your event details that enables guests to easily RSVP online.
  • Manage your event responses and download MS Excel compatible reports.
Create your event and then send an eCard with your event details so guests can easily RSVP online.

Create Online Surveys

The basic steps:

  • Create a survey.
  • Create and send an eCard that enables recipients to easily respond to your survey online.
  • Manage your survey responses and download MS Excel compatible reports.
Create a survey and then send an eCard that links to the survey response form so people can easily respond online.

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Your social media channels are a terrific gateway to reach your customers, employees, colleagues and friends. CorpNote allows you to easily post eCards, invitations and surveys to your social media friends and groups.

Benefits of Social Media eCards, Invitations and Surveys

If you need additional help, please refer to our Online Help Center or complete our Priority Email Support Form.

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