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Multi-User Administrators enjoy all CorpNote features such as unlimited eCards, event management and the ability to conduct online surveys but they also have the additional ability to provide custom card designs, templates and more for their users. They also have the benefit of consolidated billing and usage reports.

Customize the CorpNote Interface

As an administrator, you have the ability to make the CorpNote website match your company's visual brand identity. Your company branded interface is visible to you, and your members, when using CorpNote tools. It is also seen by recipients who view eCards, invitations and surveys that are sent as part of your account. View the tutorial, Customize the Interface, to learn more about uploading a logo, setting colors and including a custom footer.

If you want your users to see your custom interface when they sign in, have them bookmark https://www.corpnote.com/members/ or link to this URL from your website or company intranet.

Manage Users and Their Options

As with our individual plans, your members will be able to send as many eCards, online invitations and online surveys as they like. You can also get general reports on their activity.

Additional Controls

Upload & Share Card Designs

As an administrator, you are also able to share your own eCard/invitation designs with your users which, in combination with their own, can essentially give each of your users access to a total of 72 custom card designs. You can share your uploaded eCard/invitation designs with select users in your account or with all of your users. Refer to the Share Custom eCard and Invitation Designs tutorial for more information.

Create & Share Templates

Templates make it easy to ensure consistency in your user's communication and, as an administrator, you can share an unlimited number of eCard templates with any of your users. This includes the ability to share QuickSend templates as well.


If you blocked a user from using CorpNote cards, you can still give them access to a specific CorpNote card design by creating a template with that design and sharing it with that user.

Recurring eCards & Sharing Templates

The templates you share with your users are also available when they create a recurring eCard series. When selecting templates, they can select the option to view "admin templates." If there are a lot of templates, they can select a template "category" such as "Holiday eCards" which you defined when creating the template. They can easily combine their own templates with the templates you have shared with the user.

Address Book/Contacts

The contacts you add to your address book can only be seen and managed by you. Conversely, your users manage their own contacts in their private address book. You do not have access to their contacts and vice versa.

Billing & How to Cancel/Reactivate Your Account

Your users will see the contact information you provide when they sign into their account and go to My Account > Billing and Password area. If they need to cancel or reactivate your account, they are instructed to contact their administrator.

From within the billing area, you can change your credit card information, view your member usage and print invoices. Refer to the administrator billing tutorial for more information.


You do not have access to your user's password information and cannot sign into their account. If they forget their password, they can use the forgot password feature or call CorpNote technical support at 609-406-1665.

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