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Multi User Plans enable a company or organization to have one administrator who manages the account and shares content with users. Administrators can manage user access, view general reports on user activity and share email templates and images to help ensure brand consistency.

Multi User individual accounts have their own address book and can send their own emails and eCards as well as manage invitations and surveys. Multi User individual accounts are similar to our standard Single User accounts with a few exceptions that the administrator controls.

Recommended Account Setup for Multi User Individual Accounts:

If you are a Multi User member and not the administrator, please review our Multi User Members Guide to see how your account may be slightly different from our general tutorials when you set up and manage your account.

Recommended Account Setup for Multi User Administrators:

We recommend that you set up your account before you start adding new users. Some features that you set like your signature logo, color preferences and subscribe/unsubscribe form customization will be provided to your new users when you add them to CorpNote. This makes it easier for them to set up their accounts.

  • Set your basic preferences
  • Upload images
  • Customize the interface
  • Create email layouts and email templates
  • Customize your subscribe/unsubscribe forms

Once you have set up the items above, begin the following tutorial which includes:

  • Adding and Managing Users - this includes how to block access to the CorpNote image and email layout libraries as well as block the ability for your members to upload their own images
  • Sharing Images - share your uploaded images with select users in your account or with all of your users
  • Sharing Email Layouts - share an unlimited number of email layouts with your users
  • Sharing Email Templates - share an unlimited number of email templates with your users
  • Viewing Reports - you can view general reports on member activity

To begin, here are a few important notes on general features.

Address Book/Contacts

The contacts in your address book can only be seen and managed by you. Your users manage their own contacts in their private address books. You do not have access to their contacts and they do not have access to yours.

Billing & How to Cancel/Reactivate Your Account

Your users will see your contact information when they sign into their account and go to My Account > Billing and Password. If they need to cancel or reactivate their account, they are instructed to contact you - their plan administrator.

From within the billing area, you can change your credit card information, view your member usage and print invoices. Refer to the Billing & Password Tutorial for more information.


You do not have access to your users' password information and cannot sign into their account. If they forget their password, they can use the forgot password feature on our site or call CorpNote technical support at 609-406-1665.

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