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Your account saves a history of all email correspondence, and event/survey data that is associated with each contact in your CorpNote Address Book – or by an individual's email address if they are not in your address book.

View/Manage Address Book Contact Historic Data

To view all historic data for a contact in your address book, enter a person's name or email address in the 'search' box at the top of the page. From the results, you can then view that contact's full record, which contains all correspondence history. You can further modify your search using the 'Advanced Search' options.

If you want to view/delete data for an address book contact, follow the Email Search instructions below.

View/Manage Data using Email Search

You can do a system-wide 'Email Search', for any recipient, from your Account Dashboard. In addition to searching Address Book contacts, this type of search enables you to also find historic data for recipients:

  • that were sent an email just using an email address
  • who responded to invitations and surveys with the email address you're searching for
  • that you deleted from your address book, but did not delete their correspondence or event/survey response data

How to do an Email Search:

  • Go to My Account > Dashboard
  • Click the 'Email Search' tab
  • Enter an email address and click the 'Search' button

If the contact is in your address book, you will be taken to the address book entry for that contact:

  • To delete the contact, click the 'delete' icon delete and follow the on-screen instructions. You can choose to:
    • delete just the Address Book entry for this contact, and all references to this contact's name in your email, invitation lists and survey history will now be shown by their email address only
    • delete "All Data" for this contact, and all references to this contact's name and email address in your email, invitation lists and survey history will now be identified as "Contact Removed"
    • View the address book tutorial for deleting contacts which explains the delete options in more detail
  • To display all historic correspondence for this contact, click the tabs to view: Emails sent (Last 60 days or Archives), Emails saved/scheduled, Invitations and Surveys.
address book search tabs
  • To delete an individual email, click the email to preview the message details, and then click the 'Delete' button to permanently remove it.
  • To delete a contact's event or survey response, you can click the event or survey icon and then edit/delete the response.
  • If you chose the delete "All Data" option, you can delete the "Contact Removed" entries from the 'Invitation List' and/or your survey 'Recipient List'.

If the contact is NOT in your address book, you will see the complete correspondence history for that email address, like above, but you won't see the address book information at the top of the page.

  • To view all historic correspondence for this email address, click the tabs to view:
    • Emails sent (Last 60 days or Archives)
    • Emails saved/scheduled
    • Invitations and Surveys
  • To delete/anonymize ALL references to this email address, click the 'delete' icon delete
    • to confirm, click the 'Delete all data for this contact' button

When you are deleting historic data for email addresses NOT in your address book, there is only one option: All Data Delete. (Once deleted, this data cannot be restored.)

When you select "All Data Delete":

What IS deleted

  • This email address will be removed from all saved & scheduled emails
  • All references to this contact's email address in email, invitation and survey history will be removed. The record of their transaction will remain, and will be identified as "Contact Removed"

What is NOT deleted

  • If this email address has unsubscribed, the unsubscribe status will remain in effect (unless they choose to re-subscribe)

thumb_up Important Notes

  • Deleting historic data for an email address does not remove any of the general reporting / statistical data for your emails, invitations and surveys.
  • Once you confirm the delete, all emails, invitations and surveys related to that contact will still appear in your history and exported reports, but with that contact's information anonymized with the phrase "Contact Removed."
  • At any time you can individually delete the emails, invitation and survey responses that are identified as "Contact Removed".

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