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Your CorpNote account lets you view and manage all historic email, invitation & survey data. We also provide you with tools that let you download reports of your account history and address book contacts, for your own archiving and analysis needs.

CorpNote also provides options for deleting your account data so you can make room for new content, and honor requests you receive from your address book contacts, email recipients and event/invitation respondents to 'permanently forget' them in your account.

Customized data deletion requests can be made by submitting a Tech Support request via our Contact Us form.

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Data deletion in CorpNote is permanent – We strongly recommend reading ALL support information so you understand the scope of what you are deleting and pay close attention to our deletion confirmation warnings, before you finalize any deletion.

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In this tutorial:

  • How to search, view and delete all historic correspondence data, associated with an Address Book contact or with a specific email address that is NOT in your address book
  • Learn the difference between 'Address Book Delete' and 'All Data Delete' for a contact or email address
  • What happens to your data when you cancel your CorpNote account, or when your account is terminated due to lack of payment
  • What happens to your data when you cancel during the 10-day trial period and request a refund

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