Invitation Manager

CorpNote's Online Invitation Manager enables you to easily communicate with your guests – before, during and after your event. CorpNote allows you to manage multiple events simultaneously, and to invite people in a variety of ways. You can also combine online invitations with the survey manager for a wide range of uses.

This tutorial covers how to create an event, send your invitation, track your responses in real time and send follow-up emails to your guests.

Invitation Manager - General Overview

Step 1. Create an Event

  • Enter your event information and customize which response options you would like your guests to answer

Step 2. Send or Post Your Invitation

  • No matter how many email invitations you send, a consolidated 'Invitations List' will automatically keep track of who you invited
  • Link directly to the invitation response form from your website, social media or blog

Step 3. Track Your Responses in Real Time

  • From your invitation list, follow up with people who did not RSVP
  • From your responses list, view and export your guest list in a variety of formats
  • Send follow up emails like event reminders and satisfaction surveys

thumb_up In this tutorial you will learn how to:

  • Create and manage your events
  • Distribute your invitations and track responses
  • Send RSVP reminder emails
  • Edit responses and add responses for people that respond via phone or mail
  • Send follow-up emails
  • Use a previous guest list to invite people to a new event
  • View all emails related to a specific event such as reminders, thank you's and surveys

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