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You will need to create an event before you can send an invitation. This tutorial covers how to create, edit, copy and delete an event.

How to Create an Event

  • Go to Events > Create Event
  • Event name, date and time are the only required fields
  • End date and time: enter this information if the event ends at a specific time or lasts for more than one day
  • Location Information: enter your event's street address. If you want to include directions, you can use a website link to an online map or resource, or select "use Google Maps" which will auto-generate a link from the street address you provide. You can provide additional instructions or directions in the text box, such as where to park or how to check in.
  • Response Information: Select or click yes to enable the following features
    • enable guests to reply "maybe"
    • require email address and/or company name
    • allow additional guests on the event response form, up to 12 guests
    • ask up to 2 multiple choice questions, such as meal choice
    • a comments box appears by default on the RSVP form. The instructions you type here will appear above the comments box. E.g. Do you have any dietary restrictions? If you leave this box blank, the default text respondents will see is "Additional Comments."
    • Provide a confirmation message that will appear after the guest's response has been recorded. Different messages can be provided for yes, no and maybe responses.
    • Receive an email notice when someone responds (never, every time or once per day). If you choose to receive an email every time, the email will contain the name of the person responding, their response and number of guests attending. If you choose once per day, you'll receive a brief email message that you've received a response, and you will not receive any other email notices if more people RSVP that day.
  • RSVP Requirements: You can set the following
    • 'RSVP By' date which displays on your invitation
    • 'RSVP cutoff date' which prevents people from signing up via your online form on that date
    • 'Attendee limit' which counts the total number of registered guests and displays a default "registration closed" message when the limit is reached. You can change the default message by providing your own message.
  • Click "Save and Preview" to save and view your event
  • Click "Save and Close" to save and return to the Manage Events overview page

thumb_up Important Notes

  • Click the 'Save and Preview' button at any time to save your work and see the event response form that your guests will see. You can do this at any time, as much as you like.
  • To preview your map, click the 'Save and Preview' button and then click the 'View Map' link.

How to Manage Events

To view all of your events, go to Events > Manage Events

  • If you have responses then you'll see a button with the number of responses that you can click to see the response details
  • The Direct Link button copies a URL to your copy buffer, which takes you to the RSVP form for that event.
  • Each event has a drop-down menu that allows you to perform the following functions:
    • Edit Event
    • View Responses
    • Add a Response
    • Invitation List
    • Send Reminder
    • Copy Event
    • Delete Event
  • Click the "Search and Sort" tab to filter your events

How to Edit an Event

  • Go to Events > Manage Events and from the options menu select 'Edit Event'
  • All of the options are the same as when you created the event
  • The RSVP form will immediately be updated when you save/preview your changes.

How to Copy an Event

  • Go to Events > Manage Events and from the options menu select 'Copy Event'
  • An exact duplicate of the event will be created, with the exception of the event date, which you must provide before you can save your new event
  • The event name will have the word 'COPY' in it, so that you know you are working with the copied version. Edit that text before you save your new event.

How to Delete an Event

  • Go to Events > Manage Events and from the options menu select 'Delete Event'
  • When you delete an event, the associated invitation list and all responses for that event are permanently deleted.
  • Anyone who views an email that contains a link to this event RSVP form will not be able to respond to the invitation. They will see this message: "The link you are trying to view has been removed."

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