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Each time you email an invitation, your recipients are automatically added to your consolidated invitation list. The invitation list contains information for each person you invited such as when you sent the invitation, whether the person viewed your invitation, the last time you sent an RSVP reminder and whether they responded to your invitation.

How to Manage your Invitation List

  • Go to Events > Manage Events and from the options menu select 'Invitation List'
  • Invitations Summary provides a real-time summary of how many people viewed and responded to the invitation
  • To filter or download responses, click "Search & Reports" and filter the invitation list to show:
    • Who viewed or did not viewed the invitation
    • Who did or did not respond to the invitation
    • How you want the list to be sorted
  • Invitations Detail - provides information on individual responses
    • If you sent an invitation to people in your address book, you will see these recipients with first and last name.
    • If you send an invitation using just email addresses, you will see these recipients with an email address.
    • You will also see when you sent the invitation to them and when you last sent a reminder
    • People who opened/viewed the email will have this icon next to their name.
    • People who responded to your invitation will have this icon to show they responded. Click the icon to view their response. If you allowed people to bring guests, you will also see who they are bringing.
    • Click the edit icon edit to add/change the person's first or last name. This is helpful if you sent an invitation to someone not in your address book and you want to better identify them in your list.

thumb_up Important Notes

  • If you did not allow people to bring guests and you see attendee names for a person on your invitation list: this can happen if the person on your invitation list forwarded your email to another person. The person they forwarded the email to clicked the RSVP link in your email and responded to the invitation.

thumb_up Invitation Responses Received via Phone or Mail

How to add a response for a person on your recipient list:

  • Click the edit icon next to the person's name/email address
  • Click the 'Add a Response' button from this screen and complete the RSVP response form
  • The recipient will be recorded as having received and responded to your invitation
  • This method of adding a response for the recipient ensures the person is not included on future "follow up" emails for people who did not respond

If a respondent is not on your recipient list, click the "Add Response" tab for that event and add their RSVP information.

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