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Managing Event Responses

You can access your guest list, people who have responded to your event, by going to the navigation and selecting Invitations > Manage Events. In the options menu next to an event, choose "View Responses".

Invitations - Response Summary

  • Track your Responses in Real-Time
    • Quickly see how many guests are coming to your event
  • Track Answers to your Events Questions
    • View answers to your event questions in real-time
    • For example, if you are having a golf outing, you might ask questions such as their lunch choice or experience level
  • Filter your Results
    • Click "Search & Reports" to filter your results by showing only "yes" or "no" responses, search for a specific person and/or sort your results.
    • You can also print or download your guest list into an MS Excel compatible file and select which fields to include (see example)
  • Easily Send a Follow Up eCard
    • Create a follow up eCard addressed to all people who responded or just a specific group (see example)
    • You can then choose an eCard template you created for the follow-up correspondence or leave the option as 'none.'
      • If you did not select a template: you will need to select a design and compose your message as you usually do when creating an eCard.
      • If you selected a template: you will see the edit message screen where you can make changes to this new eCard without affecting the original template.
    • The address and send screen will have your selected recipients in the address list such as 'people who responded yes'. You can either send this follow-up eCard immediately or schedule it to be sent on a future date.
    • You can later easily identify this 'follow-up' eCard in your Saved or Sent eCards bin. It will have the 'follow up created' date as well as auto generated comments so you know the day you created the follow up, when it was sent and to whom (see example)
Your invitation responses are recorded in real-time and you can send a follow-up eCard or survey.

Invitations - Response Detail

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