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You will see your invitation responses in real-time. This tutorial covers how to manage responses and how to view, print and download guest lists.

How to View Responses

When you have at least one response to an event, the 'Responses' button will appear for that event on your Manage Events overview page, and will display the number of responses. Click that button to go to the Responses screen.

Response Summary provides a real-time summary of how many people are attending your event. If you asked your guests to answer questions on the RSVP form, you will see the total responses for those questions.

Response Detail shows each individual response with:

  • the name of the person who responded
  • the number of people attending (if they responded yes)
  • the names of their guests (if you enabled that option)

Depending on the options you enabled, you will also see their company name, email address and answers to your questions.

How to Manage Responses

To see specific guests or only those people who responded yes or no to your event, click Search & Reports next to the Response Summary.

To Edit: Click the edit icon edit next to a person's name to edit a response.

  • If you allowed people to bring guests, you will be able to edit their guest information or remove a guest from your list.
  • You can also email a confirmation from this screen.

To Delete: Click the delete icon delete next to a person's name to permanently delete a response.

  • This information is permanently deleted and cannot be restored.
  • If you allowed people to bring guests, their guests will also be removed.

thumb_up Important Notes

  • If a guest is on your 'Invitation List' and you delete their response, they will be removed from the 'responses' list but they will remain on the invitation list as having not responded.
  • Some guests may show on your 'Response List' that are not on your 'Invitation List' for that event. This could be because a person on your invitation list included them as their guest, the invitation was forward to them, or they responded by clicking a 'direct link' to the event response form.
  • You can add attendees that respond via phone, mail or email by clicking the "Add Response" tab for that event

How to Download or Print a Response Report

  • Click Search & Reports next to the Response Summary
  • Enter desired search parameters and how you want your guest list sorted
  • Under the section for 'For Print or Excel Show Columns,' select the fields you want to include
  • Click the button for 'Send to Printer' or 'Create Excel Report'

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