Tutorials - Multi-User Administrators

Manage Users & Billing

Your members will be able to send as many eCards, online invitations and online surveys as they like and you can get general reports on their activity. To add and remove users from your account, go to My Account > Manage Users.

Add a User

Click the 'Add User' tab and enter the required information and complete as much information as you can on the form. You can also control whether a specific user can use CorpNote designs and whether they can upload their own designs. (see example)

Block Upload of Custom Card Designs: By default, your users can upload up to 36 photos or graphic art designs of their own creation. You can choose to not allow that feature but you are still able to share your own eCard/invitation designs with your users. This enables you to have complete control over the custom card designs that can be sent from your users.

Block CorpNote Card Designs: You can further control the designs your users send by blocking CorpNote card designs. You can still allow them to upload their own custom card designs or further lock down the account by only allow them access to the uploaded card designs that you are sharing with them.

If you do not choose the block options above when adding the user, there are some rules that will apply later should you change your mind. See the "edit user" tutorial below for more information.

After you submit the form, the user will receive an email detailing the sign in instructions as well as a temporary password that they will need to change.

Edit/De-activate User

You can search for users based on all fields you entered as well as by active/inactive status. Click the edit icon to change information for that user.

Blocking Upload of Custom Card Designs or CorpNote Card Designs: You can still control whether a specific user can use CorpNote designs or upload their own designs; but, if they have already uploaded designs or used a CorpNote design, they can still use that specific design. Any future cards will be limited to your selection of what access the user has. (see example)

To de-activate a user: on the edit screen, select user status "inactive." You can also de-activate a group of users from the search results page. Check the box next to each user you would like to make inactive and then click the button "De-activate Selected." (see example)

View User History

Click the view icon to see information for that user and general usage stats such as when they last signed in, how many cards they have sent, and whether they have events or surveys. (see example)

For aggregate information on all of your users, click the "reports" tab. This enables you to select the information you would like to see and the information can then be downloaded into a MS Excel compatible file. (see example)

To see usage stats for your shared uploaded card designs and shared templates, please refer to those administrator tutorials for details.

Custom Terms for Your Users

You can create your own "Terms of Use" which must be 'agreed to' when your users activate their account.

Billing Instructions for Your Users

You can provide instructions that will appear on your user's billing page. First go to My Account > Billing & Password, click the "Billing Contact" tab and complete all pertinent billing information. You can have a different billing email address than your CorpNote account email address.

When your users go to My Account > Billing & Password and click on the "Billing Contact" tab, they will see the billing contact information you provided. (see example)

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