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For email and brand consistency, we recommend that you pick a default background color, text color, font face and font size to be used as a starting point for your emails. This will substantially reduce the time it takes to create your emails and you can always change this default on each email you send.

You can also add up to 6 additional preferred colors that will be available to you when setting master styles for your emails and when working in the email text editor.

How to Set your Favorite Styles

  • Go to My Account > Preferences and select the 'Favorite Styles' tab
  • Set your default background color and text color
    • Click on the color chip to use the color picker or enter the hex # value to apply a specific color.
    • When using the color picker, click on a color chip to select that color or click the 'More' button to use the color wheel to select a color.
  • Choose your preferred font face and size
    • We recommend that you choose a font size that is large enough to be legible on mobile phones.
  • Add up to 6 additional 'custom' colors
  • Select to use your favorite styles or the system default styles as a starting point for new eCards and email layouts

thumb_up Important Notes

  • Regardless of the defaults you set, you can still choose to use your favorite styles, our recommended styles or a completely new set of styles for each email.
  • When composing an eCard or email, the color pickers for master styles and the email editor will show the colors you have set in your preferences (including the additional 6 custom colors)
  • Multi User Plan Administrators share their favorite styles by default when they add new users to the account.

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