Quick Start: Create and Send an Online Survey

Create a New Survey

1. Sign in to your CorpNote account and go to Surveys > Create Survey

2. Enter your survey name and opening text.

thumb_up Note: As you enter your survey information click 'Save and Preview' to ensure that your survey appears as intended and that your changes are saved.

3. Enter your questions. A survey must contain at least one question, and may have up to 20 questions.

Answer types can be:

  • Multiple choice with only 1 answer (radio buttons)
  • Multiple choice with multiple answers (checkboxes)
  • Rating scale (1-5)
  • 'Comments' open text box

4. Enter your optional survey confirmation message.

5. Click "Save and Preview" at any time to view your survey.

6. Click "Change Question Order" to reorganize your survey questions.

7. Click "Save Changes" when you are done editing your survey to return to the Manage Surveys  page.

Send an eCard or email newsletter with a link to your survey

1. Create a new eCard or email newsletter, or choose 'Edit Message' from the drop down menu next to an email you've previously saved.

2. Click the 'Add Survey Response Link' checkbox and select the name of your survey from the drop-down list.

A button will automatically be inserted in the top of your email that says, "TAKE SURVEY". If you are sending an eCard then the survey button will appear below the top image.

3. Customize your RSVP Button – If you want to control where the button appears, or use an image or text as the survey response button, click the 'Customize Button' link.

  • 'Insert Button' – inserts the default TAKE SURVEY button where you have the cursor placed in the email body.
  • 'Copy Link' – lets you add a survey link to text or images via the text editor's Link tool. After clicking the 'Copy Link' button, highlight the text or image that you want to be clickable to the survey response form and click the "Insert Hyperlink" tool. Paste (Ctrl+V) the copied text into the URL field in the pop-up window and click 'OK'.

4. Click 'Preview/Save' and then 'Address/Send' when you're ready to send your survey.

5. Track & Manage Responses – Once you've sent your survey, you can view and manage responses on the Surveys > Manage Surveys page. To manually add a response, select 'Add a Response' from the drop down list next to the survey.

Other ways to link to your online survey

Share the eCard or email invitation

To share an eCard or email newsletter that has a link to your survey, the email must have been 'sent' and visible on your 'Sent Emails' screen (Email > Sent Emails). Click the "Copy Link" button. This will copy the URL of the online version of the email, which you can share via social media, sms text or a link on your website.

Share a link to the survey response form

Go to your Surveys overview page: Surveys > Manage Surveys. Click the "Direct Link" button next to the survey. This will copy the URL for the survey response form, which you can share via social media, sms text or a link on your website.

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