Quick Start: Address an Email / Import Contacts

There are 3 ways to address emails in CorpNote...

Here are the 3 methods, from simplest, to most full-featured:

  1. Type/paste up to 250 email addresses directly (1 per line) and send your email. This is the fastest method.
  2. Individually select contacts from your CorpNote address book. Select up to 250 contacts per email. Requires that you've previously created/imported contacts into your address book.
  3. Send to an "Email List" of up to 2,500 contacts. Email Lists are groups of contacts that you have created in your CorpNote address book.

Sending using the Address Book or an Email List lets you personalize your email with your contact's first name, and lets you track your email pickup and history by contact name. Email addresses entered directly will track email pickup by email address only.

Type or paste your email addresses directly

1. Create your email and click 'Preview/Save' – After you have reviewed your email, click the 'Address/Send' button at the top of the page.

Preview your email and click Address/Send to enter your email addresses.

2. Type or paste your email addresses – Enter a Subject line (required), and then type or paste your email addresses (1 per line) into the 'Add Recipients' text box. Click the 'Add Recipient(s) to Address List' button, and your addresses will appear at the bottom of the screen with a check box, indicating that they are selected. Continue building your email Address List in this fashion until all of your recipients (maximum 250) are in the Address List.

Add your addresses, 1 per line, and click the "Add Recipient(s) to Address List" button

3. Send your email – Click 'Send Email' to send your email immediately, or click 'Select Date' to schedule your email for delivery.

Send or schedule your email newsletter delivery.

Enter/Import Contacts into your Address Book

Before sending an email using the Address Book or an Email List, you must first enter or import your contacts.

Enter Address Book contacts manually – Go to My Account > Address Book and click the '+ Add New' tab. Enter your contact information and click 'Save Contact'. The minimum required fields to create an Address Book contact are: first name, last name and email address.

Enter contacts manually in your online address book.

Import Contacts from a file – You can have up to 2,500 contacts in your address book (per account). Please contact us if your list exceeds 2,500 emails and you would like to discuss options.

1. Prepare your email list for import, and save it as a .CSV file – Comma separated files (.csv) can be exported from most contact manager software, or created using MS Excel (or similar database software). View a sample file .csv file

  • Minimum required fields to create an Address Book contact are: First Name, Last Name and Email Address.
  • Optional data fields that you can import are: Company, Category, Birthday, Anniversary and Start Date.

The first line or row of your file must have labels of what type of data is below it, as shown in this sample spreadsheet.

Sample contact import file

If you are creating or editing your .csv file directly in a text editor then it should look like this:

First Name,Last Name,Email,Company,Category,Birthday,Anniversary,Start Date
Bill,Billingsworth,bill@billswebsite.com,ABC Company,Clients,12/5/1975,6/15/2001,2/1/2017
Mike,Millstead,mike@mikeswebsite.com,XYZ Company,Employees,1/13/1958,2/22/2002,12/15/2018

2. Import your email addresses – Go to My Account > Address Book and click the 'Import' tab. Use the 'Choose File' button to browse to your .CSV file and select it for import. Follow the on-screen instructions to import your contacts into the Address book. (Importing may take several minutes if you have a large file.)

Select a .csv file to import contacts into your address book

For detailed instructions on creating and importing contacts from a variety of programs view our Address Book tutorial.

Sending an email using the Address Book

1. View your address book contacts by clicking the 'Address Book' button on the Send Email screen.

Click Address Book to select your email recipients

2. Select your recipients by checking the box next to contact names. If your address book has more than 50 contacts, click 'Save/Next Page' to select additional contacts. Click the 'Done' button to close the address book and add all checked contacts to your email Send List.

Select email recipients from your address book.

3. Send your email, as described in the tutorial above.

Creating/sending to an Email List

1. Create an Email List – After you have contacts in your Address book, you will have the option to create a new 'Email List' in your Address Book. Name your email list something that you will easily remember how you grouped these contacts.

Create an Email List in your Address Book.

2. Select contacts for your Email List by checking the box next to each contact you want to include. Use the 'Select all on page' checkbox if you want to quickly select all contacts on the page. Click 'Save / Next Page' until all your intended Email List contacts are selected. An Email List can have up to 2,500 contacts. When you are done, click the 'Done' button to add all checked contacts to your Email List.

Select contacts for your Email List by checking the box next to each contact.

Sending an email using an Email List

Select the Email List on the 'Send Email' screen – In the Add Recipients section of the Send Email page, click 'Send to email list'. From the drop-down menu, select the Email List that contains your intended recipients and then click 'Continue'.

Select your email list from the drop down menu.

Send your email – Click the 'Send Email' button to immediately send the email to your email list, or click 'Select Date' to schedule your email.

Send the email immediately to your email list or schedule it for delivery.

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