Quick Start: Create and send an eCard

Select an eCard Design

1. Sign in to your CorpNote account and go to Email > New eCard

Select an eCard design.

2. Browse eCard designs by using the search tools to filter by occasion, holiday or keyword.

Browse eCard designs by searching on filters for birthday, season's greetings and more.

3. Preview eCard designs full size – Click the magnifying glass icon to view the eCard in full size. Click the checkmark to select the design and start composing your message.

Select or preview the eCard in full size view.

Compose Email

The 'Compose Email' screen lets you add an optional salutation and use our editor to type your eCard message.

thumb_up Note: Click the 'PREVIEW/SAVE' button as you progress to save your work and preview your eCard composition.

4. Enter an optional salutation in the Greeting box. If you already have contacts in your CorpNote address book, then you can select the "autofill name" option to insert people's first names.

Compose your eCard  greeting with optional first name auto fill.

5. Customize your Master Styles – Select your preferred text and color choices in the 'Master Styles' section. Apply/Save Changes if prompted, or click PREVIEW/SAVE. Your eCard text can be further formatted in the 'Email Body' text editor.

Set your font and color preferences for your email.

6. Enter & edit the contents of your eCard using the tools in the 'Email Body' text editor. Click here for a list of what each tool does.

Compose your email message in the text editor.

7. Add images to your eCard message by clicking one of the 'Insert Image' buttons, shown below.

Insert images into your eCard message.

When you find the image you want, click the checkmark to insert it into your eCard message. The image will be inserted where you have the cursor. To replace an image in your eCard message, click the image and then click the "Insert Image" button. Select the image you want to use and it will replace the image you had selected.

  • The 'Image Library' lets you browse/select various types of artwork and stylized text by using the search tools to narrow your selection. You can filter by image type, size, theme, color or keyword.

Corpnote's image library lets you search for images to include in your eCard message.

  • The 'My Images' tab displays images that you have previously uploaded. (To upload images, go to My Account > My Images.)

You can upload 200 of your own images to be used in your eCard messages.

8. Add an optional closing, and select the email signature information (if already set up in preferences) you want to include. (To set up your email signature go to My Account > Preferences)

Customize your email signature with your logo and contact information.

9. Click the 'PREVIEW/SAVE' button to confirm your changes. From this preview screen you can return to editing or address your eCard for delivery.

Preview your eCard and edit or send your email.

Send your eCard

10. On the 'Send Email' screen enter a subject line and type or paste your email addresses (1 per line) into the Add Recipients text box. You can add up to 250 addresses on this page. Click 'Add Recipients to Address List'.

Address your eCard by entering email addresses or using your address book.

If you have set up address book contacts, you can click the 'Address Book' button to select your recipients.

If you have created 'email lists,' then you can select this option to send the email to the entire list of contacts. With Email Lists you can send to 2,500 recipients. (To enter/import contacts go to My Account > Address Book. If you have address book contacts, click the Email Lists tab to create a an email list.)

11. Click 'Send Email' to send your eCard immediately, or click 'Select Date' to schedule your eCard for delivery.

Send your eCard  immediately or schedule your email for delivery.

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