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Recurring eCards

Recurring eCards make it easy to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, send reminders and more! You must first create template eCards that you want to use in your recurring eCard series and the group of people that you want to send these eCards to. Once you have done this, go to eCards > Recurring Cards and click the "Create New" tab.

Creating a Recurring eCard Series

Step 1. Provide Basic Information for the Recurring eCard

If you are using a contact's birth date, anniversary date or start date and have included a contact in the group of recipients that does not have this information, you will see a warning. You can either continue and adjust this information later or cancel and change your address book before continuing.

Step 2. Choose the eCard Templates to Include in the Series

Select the eCard Template(s) for the recurring eCard series by checking the box under each thumbnail. To filter, you can show eCards only in specific "categories" you created when you set up your templates. Only when you are finished selecting all of your templates, click "continue". (see example)

Step 3. Select the Order For Sending the eCards

Tracking Recurring eCards

You can access recurring eCards that have been sent by going to eCards > Sent eCards. They will display intermixed with your sent eCards but you can use the "Search and Sort" feature to display only recurring eCards. They are easily identifiable by this icon (see example)

Managing Recurring eCards

To view, edit or delete a recurring eCard series, go to eCards > Recurring Cards. You can search and sort to find the recurring eCard series for which you have the following options: (see example)

Important Notes

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