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Multi-User Administrators Can Share Uploaded eCard and Invitation Designs

When managing uploaded eCard designs, Multi-User Plan administrators can share their uploaded eCard/invitation designs with select users in their account or with all of their users. (see example)

View Usage

To view your user's usage of your uploaded eCard/invitation designs, click the options drop down menu and choose "view usage." (see example) The resulting screen displays all of your users who used this design and how many times. You will also see how many templates were created with this eCard design and the number of recurring eCard campaigns they created with that design. (see example)

Delete Uploaded Designs

If you choose to permanently delete a design, you may get a warning that the eCard/invitation is in use by you or one of your members who has access to the design. To ensure that your members and their recipients are able to view eCards that are sent, you will not be able to delete the design but you can replace it with an updated version. For example, a replacement is helpful if your logo has changed or the eCard design/text needs to be updated.

Replace an Uploaded Design

If you cannot delete a design, as described above, you will see the button to "replace" it. (see example)

If you replace the image, eCards/invitations that are scheduled as well as templates that contain the image will display the new image you select. eCards/invitations that have been sent using the current image will display the new image when viewed in a browser. The new image may also display in the recipient's email inbox or in a social media post.

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