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Multi User Plan Administrators can share uploaded images with all of their users or select users within their account. This is helpful if you want to share a logo for your members to use in their emails or as the logo in their email signature.

This tutorial covers how to manage shared images.

How to Share Images

  • Go to My Account > My Images and select 'Edit' from the options menu next to an image
  • The description you enter will display to your users and allow for searching of images
  • Select the option to 'Share All Users' or 'Share Selected Users'
  • If you select 'Share Selected Users,' you will be presented with checkboxes to individually select your users
  • Click the 'Save' button to save your changes

Delete Uploaded Images

If you choose to permanently delete an image, you may get a warning that the image is in use by you or one of your members who has access to the image.

If you delete the image:

  • it will not appear in sent or saved emails, automated emails or email templates
  • people who have received an email with that image may not be able see it
  • users who have used the image in emails or email templates will not know the image has been removed unless they notice it is missing or you tell them

We recommend that you replace the image. If you replace the image, sent or saved emails, automated emails and email templates will display the new image you provide. The new image may also display in a recipient's email inbox or in a social media post.

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