Survey Manager

With CorpNote's Online Survey Manager, you can manage multiple surveys simultaneously and invite people to take your survey in a variety of ways. Survey responses are recorded in real-time and you can view and download survey response reports on an individual or aggregate basis.

This tutorial covers how to create a survey, distribute it, track your responses and send follow up emails.

Survey Manager - General Overview

Step 1. Create a Survey

  • Enter your survey questions and customize the type of response you want such as single answer, multiple choice, a rating scale or open text response
  • Make this survey anonymous?
    • Select "Yes" if you do not want to ask people for First Name, Last Name, Email and Company (this is the default setting)
    • Select "No" to ask for First Name, Last Name, Email and Company. You can then individually select which of these fields are required to submit the survey

Step 2. Distribute Your Survey

  • No matter how many emails you send inviting people to take your survey, a consolidated 'Recipient List' will automatically keep track of who you asked to take the survey
  • Link directly to the survey response form from your website, social media or blog

Step 3. Track Your Responses in Real Time

  • From your recipient list, follow up with people who did not respond to the survey
  • From your responses list, view and export survey responses on an individual or aggregate basis in a variety of formats
  • Send follow up emails like "thank you" to survey participants

thumb_up In this tutorial you will learn how to:

  • Create and manage your surveys
  • Distribute your survey and track responses
  • Send reminder emails to encourage people who did not respond the first time you sent an email
  • Edit responses and add responses for people that respond via phone or mail
  • View, print and export survey responses for use in other programs or reports
  • Send follow-up emails
  • Use a previous survey's recipient list to invite people to take a new survey
  • View all emails related to a specific survey such as reminders and thank you's etc.

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