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Send Online Surveys and Manage Responses

How it works: You can create up to 20 survey questions and they can be single, multi-select, a rating scale or an open text answer. You can also combine a single, multi-select or rating answer with an open text answer within the same question. Respondents complete the online survey and the Survey Manager automatically records responses and allows you to print a detailed report of survey responses on an individual or aggregate basis in a variety of formats.

The Online Survey Manager enables you to create and manage surveys that can be distribited via eCard, your website, blog, social media or email program. (See example) The Survey Manager records responses and allows you to download and print reports as well as send follow-up messages. You can also easily combine online surveys with the invitation manager for a wide range of uses.

Survey Management in 3 Easy Steps:

Manage Multiple Surveys

The Survey Manager allows you to create and manage multiple surveys at the same time. An unlimited number of surveys can be managed from your account each month. This is all included in your monthly subscription.

The survey manager tutorial will assist you with the following:

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