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You will need to create a survey before you can distribute it. If you have not yet created your survey, please review this tutorial first: Creating & Managing Surveys.

There are two ways to distribute your online survey. You can either send your survey as a CorpNote email or you can post a link to the survey response form in social media, your website, blog or other email program.

This tutorial covers how to distribute your survey by sending a CorpNote email.

How to Email your Survey

Step 1. Create an Email that Links to your Survey Response Form

  • Choose an eCard design or email layout
  • Compose your email message (as shown in prior tutorials)
  • Select the checkbox for "Add Survey Response Link"
  • Select the survey you want to include in this email
  • The default survey response button
    • For eCards, the button for the survey response form will be automatically inserted underneath the eCard
    • For email layouts, the button will be inserted at the top of the email
  • Custom Survey Response Buttons
    • Click "Customize Button"
    • To insert the default CorpNote button, place your cursor in the "email body" where you want the button to appear and click the "Insert Button"
    • To link an image or text to the survey response form, click the "Copy Link" button and then highlight any image or text in the "email body". Click the link icon Link in the editor and use ctrl + V to paste the link unto the URL box. Important: do not change the text that is in this link.

Step 2. Send your Email

  • Address and send your email (as shown in prior tutorials)
  • Your email recipients are automatically added to your survey recipient list (next tutorial)

thumb_up Important Notes

  • "Preview" your email to see where the link to your survey response form is appearing and click the link to make sure it is working as you intended. Once you send an email, you cannot change it.
  • If you schedule an email that contains a link to a survey, the recipient will be added to the recipient list after the email has been sent

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