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Managing Your Survey Recipient List

Each time you send an eCard with a survey, your recipients are automatically added to a consolidated recipient list for that survey. Even if you send multiple eCards for a survey, this consolidated recipient list enables you to easily further correspond with all of the people you asked to respond.

Your 'Recipient List' is your survey 'mailing' list which contains information on each person you invited to take your survey. This list includes information for each person such as when you sent the survey to them, whether the person viewed your eCard, if you sent them a reminder and whether they responded to your survey.

Survey Recipient List Summary

In the navigation, go to Surveys > Manage Surveys. In the options menu next to any survey, choose "Recipient List". At the top of the page, you will see a statistics overview with options.

Track your Responses

  • You can view in real-time how many people viewed the eCard with the survey and how many responded.

Easily Send a Follow Up eCard

  • To send a follow up eCard, click the options dropdown menu next to 'Send an eCard' and select all of the people on your recipient list, just the people that did not view the eCard or just the people that did not respond to the survey. (see example)
  • You can then choose an eCard template you created for the follow-up correspondence or leave the option as 'none.'
  • The follow up eCard will be created with the appropriate recipients added to the address list.
    • If you did not select a template: you will be able to create your eCard as usual. You will need to select a design and compose your message.
    • If you selected a template: you will see the message screen where you can edit your eCard without affecting the original template.
  • The address and send screen will have the chosen recipients in the address list such as people who did not respond to the original eCard with the survey. You can either send this follow-up eCard immediately or schedule it to be sent on a future date.
Your survey recipients are automatically added to a consolidated recipient list and you can follow up with an eCard.

The follow up eCard will be easily identifiable in your Saved or Sent eCards bin. It will have the 'follow up created' date as well as auto generated comments so you know the day you created the follow up, when it was sent and to whom (see example).

Filter your Results

  • Click the "Search & Reports" text next to the Recipients Summary
  • This enables you to search and sort your results as well as create an MS Excel compatible file (see example)

Survey Recipient List Detail

View Individual Responses

eCard History

Add a Response / Edit Person's Name

Click the edit icon to:

Copy the Recipients of a Prior Survey to a Another Survey

The instructions to copy a recipient list from one survey to another survey are similar to the instructions for sending a follow-up eCard as described above.

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