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You will see your survey responses in real-time so you can quickly gather results and determine next steps. This tutorial covers how to manage survey responses and how to view and download survey response reports.

How to View Responses

When you have at least one survey response, the 'Responses' button will appear with the number of responses for that survey. Click the 'Responses' button to go to the Responses screen.

Response Summary provides the total number of responses. If the survey is not anonymous, there is an option to send an email to respondents. You can send a follow up email to all people who provided an email address when responding. (see the "follow up emails" tutorial for more details).

Response Detail shows each individual response with:

  • the name of the person who responded (if not anonymous)
  • their company name and email address (if you enabled those options)

How to Manage Responses

Go to Surveys > Manage Surveys and click the 'Responses' button (which only appears if you have responses)

To filter survey responses, click "Search & Reports".

  • Select a response date range for which you want to view the results
  • The options to search by name, email and company are only available if your survey is not set for anonymous responses.

To View a Response: Click the view icon pageview next to a person's name.

  • you will see the person's response to the survey and any additional comments they provided

To Edit: Click the edit icon edit to edit a response

  • you can change the contact information (if the survey was not anonymous) and their responses

To Delete: Click the delete icon delete to permanently delete a response.

  • This information is permanently deleted and cannot be restored.

thumb_up Important Notes

  • If you delete a survey response for a person that is on your "Recipient List", it will now appear as if the person has not responded to the survey
  • Some of people on your 'Response List' may not be on your original 'recipient list' because a person may have forwarded your survey to another person or, if you used our direct link feature, they may have responded by clicking a 'direct link' to the survey response form.
  • You can add a survey response for people that respond via phone or mail by clicking the "Add Response" tab
  • If you want to add a response for someone on your recipient list, we recommend that you do so by clicking the edit button next to the person's name on your "Recipient List" and then clicking the 'Add Response' button from that screen. The recipient will be recorded as having received and responded to the survey. This ensures the person is not included on future "follow up" emails for people who did not respond.

How to View and Download Survey Reports

  • Go to Surveys > Manage Surveys and click the 'Responses' button for a specific survey
  • Report Types: Select one of the following options from the drop down menu at the top of the screen:
    • View Aggregate Results: This report contains an aggregate of responses with a percentage and numeric total for each question.
      • If a question was not required, you will see how many people skipped the question.
      • Click the view icon pageview next to a comment to see that specific person's full survey response.
    • Download - Aggregate Results: This downloadable comma delimited .csv file contains the same information as the report above
    • Download - Individual Results: This downloadable comma delimited .csv file contains individual responses to all questions, the date the person responded and their comments
  • Filter and Download:
    • Click Search & Reports next to the Response Summary
    • Enter desired search parameters and how you want responses sorted
    • Click the button for 'Create Excel Report' to download a comma delimited .csv file

thumb_up Important Notes

  • .csv comma delimited files can be opened in most spreadsheet programs (like MS Excel or Apple's Pages) for further analysis.

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