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You will need to create a survey before you can send an email or post a link to your survey response form. This tutorial covers how to create, edit, copy and delete a survey.

How to Create a Survey

Step 1: Go to Surveys > Create Survey

  • Provide the survey name and opening text for your survey. Both of these are displayed at the top of the survey response form.
  • Select whether you would like to receive an email notice when someone responds to your survey. Only one email will be sent per day regardless of the number of responses.
  • Select whether you want the survey responses to be anonymous. If you select "no" for anonymous responses, the survey response form will include fields for first/last name, email and company. Check the box next to the fields you want to require.

Step 2: Create your Survey Questions

  • Select the number of questions (you can adjust this as needed)
  • Enter your question text and choose the answer format
    1. multiple choice - 1 answer (radio buttons)
    2. multiple choice - multiple answers (checkboxes)
    3. rating scale - 5 radio buttons, left to right, with low and high text labels
    4. text box – 1 line, 100 character limit
    5. comments box – 250 character limit
    6. date – date picker
    • For answer format 1, 2, 3 or 4 above, you can check a box that will include a "comments box" below your question so respondents can also type a response
  • If you want the question to be required, check the box for "required"

Step 3: Create your Survey Confirmation Message

Step 4: Save and Preview

thumb_up Important Note

You are able to edit your survey at any time but if you already have responses, it could adversely affect the accuracy of your data if you change the question text or response format.

thumb_up Tips

  • Always preview your survey before distributing it
  • Test your survey by taking it yourself and then removing your response (see the manage responses tutorial)

How to Manage Surveys

To view all of your surveys, go to Surveys > Manage Surveys

  • If you have responses, you will see a button with the number of responses that you can click to see the response details
  • The Direct Link button copies a URL to your copy buffer, which takes you to the survey response form for that survey
  • Each survey has a drop-down menu that allows you to perform the following functions:
    • Edit Survey
    • View responses
    • Add a Response
    • Recipient List
    • Send Reminder
    • Copy Survey
    • Delete Survey
  • Click the "Search and Sort" tab to filter your surveys

How to Edit a Survey

  • Go to Surveys > Manage Surveys and from the options menu select 'Edit Survey'
  • All of the same options are available as when you added a survey
  • The survey response form will immediately reflect your changes

thumb_up Important Note

  • If you edit a survey, we recommend that you only make minor text changes to your questions and answer options. Changing the type of question or the intent of a question will not change the responses of people who have already taken the survey.
  • You will receive a warning when you edit a survey question for which you already have responses.

How to Copy a Survey

  • Go to Surveys > Manage Surveys and from the options menu select 'Copy Survey'
  • An exact duplicate of the survey will be created
  • The survey name will have the word 'COPY' in it, so that you know you are working with the copied version. Remove that text before you distribute your new survey.

How to Delete a Survey

  • Go to Surveys > Manage Surveys and from the options menu select 'Delete Survey'
  • If you delete a survey, the survey response form and all responses for that survey will be permanently deleted.
  • Anyone who views an email that contains a link to this survey response form will not be able to respond to the survey

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