videocam How to Make a Birthday eCard in Photoshop

This video covers the basics including the best compression settings to use when exporting your final eCard image. We've also included detailed instructions on how to use Photoshop's vector tools to make a birthday cupcake design and festive background and how to use effects for your 'Happy Birthday' text. View tutorial

videocam Create Shimmering Gold Text for an eCard

In this video, we create shimmering gold text for a Birthday or Anniversary eCard in Adobe Photoshop. We've included instructions on how to use text effects, such as warp, and how to add realistic metallic gradients and other effects to the text. We also cover the best compression settings to use when exporting your final eCard image. View tutorial

videocam Create a Custom Interface for eCards, Invitations and Surveys

In this How-to video, we demonstrate how you can customize our website so your email recipients see your branding on eCards, email newsletters, invitation response forms and survey response forms. View tutorial

videocam How CorpNote eCards Work

Watch step-by-step how to create and send an eCard, and learn about options for creating automated email campaigns and customizing the CorpNote interface. View the Video

If you need additional help, please refer to our Help Center or complete our Priority Email Support Form.

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