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As part of our How to Make an eCard series, this video shows you how to make shimmering gold text for a Birthday or Anniversary eCard in Adobe Photoshop. We provide detailed instructions on how to use text effects and how to add realistic metallic gradients and other effects to the text. We then cover the best compression settings to use when exporting your final eCard image.

This eCard was Made Entirely within Photoshop, Using Gradients, Bevel Effects, Motion Blur and Transform Tools

With CorpNote you can upload art that you create, as long as it can be saved as a JPEG (or PNG, BMP, etc.) file. You can even use photos or traditional art by scanning or photographing your artwork and uploading it to CorpNote to be used as an eCard design which you can then send and share.

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With CorpNote, you can easily create and send birthday eCards, holiday eCards, thank you eCards and more. If you want to use your own eCard creations like the one demonstrated in this tutorial - no problem! You can upload your own digital artwork and send it using our eCard sending and tracking tools.

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