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How to Create a Custom Branded Interface for eCards, Invitations and Surveys

Whether you are with a small business or a corporation, you know that brand recognition is important. In this How-to video, we demonstrate how you can customize our entire website - including your eCards, invitations and surveys - with your own branding.

This popular CorpNote feature has always been available to our multi-user members but it is also available as an add-on to our Individual memberships. This means that any CorpNote account has the ability to customize the CorpNote experience and build more brand recognition for their company.


Electronic greetings from CorpNote.com. In this video we'll see how members can create a custom interface on the CorpNote website and on their sent eCards.

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With CorpNote, you can easily create and send birthday eCards, holiday eCards, thank you eCards and more. If you want to use your own eCard creations like the one demonstrated in this tutorial - no problem! You can upload your own digital artwork and send it using our eCard sending and tracking tools.

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