Holiday eCards and Holiday Emails

Send holiday eCards, email newsletters, sales promotions and more

Easily send advertising-free business holiday eCards and emails customized with your company's logo, colors and contact information.

Whether you're sending one email at a time - or to groups of thousands - CorpNote holiday eCards and emails are an affordable way to stay connected with customers, coworkers and friends this holiday season.

Pay as you go — Use CorpNote just for the holidays or whenever you need us

  • Business holiday eCards – choose from our holiday eCard designs or upload your own
  • Holiday email templates – fully customizable holiday-themed email templates for email newsletters, sales flyers, holiday party invitations and more
  • Holiday newsletters – perfect for holiday sales promotions, donation drives, event announcements, company news and for keeping in touch with customers and coworkers.
  • Email automation with name personalization – auto-customize each holiday email with your recipient's first name and automatically send them on a specific date
  • Contact management and email tracking – easily import your email list, send your holiday email campaign and see when your emails are viewed
Sample holiday eCards and holiday email newsletter templates
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Holiday eCard with Steampunk Gears Animated New Years Gears
Business Holiday Card
Merry Christmas eCard with holiday ornament Animated Merry Christmas Ornament
Business Holiday Card
Holiday eCard with blue and silver snowflakes Blue & Silver Snowflake
Business Holiday Card
Holiday eCard  Joy Peace Love Joy Peace Love
Business Holiday Card

Why choose CorpNote for your holiday email campaign?

CorpNote gives you all the tools you need to send professional holiday emails and eCards, share in social, track pickup and follow up with people who reply.

  • Flat-rate pricing – send an unlimited number of holiday eCards and holiday emails for a fixed monthly price - Individual $30 per month or Multi User $15 per month
  • Exceptional value – in addition to holiday eCards, your CorpNote membership includes unlimited sending of email newsletters, online invitations, online surveys and more.
  • No long-term commitment – you can use our service just for the holiday season, or whenever you need us
  • Free Support – For 16 years we've provided exceptional value and unparalleled customer support to companies and nonprofits of all sizes

CorpNote's holiday eCards are fully customizable and mobile compatible.

Multi-user Plans • Discounted Prices

Looking for a company-wide holiday eCard solution?

You'll have your own admin tools to control content and account access, and your price per user is 50% off the Single User Plan price – pay only $15/month per user.

  • Full-featured – your users have access to our individual plan features: eCard & image libraries, email templates, email automation, online invitations & surveys, and email list management
  • Customizablecustomize our website with your logo, colors and contact info to match your company's branding
  • Efficient – share your customized holiday eCard & email templates with your users to make it fast and easy to send branded holiday eCards
  • Versatile – perfect for companies with sales forces, brand managers or regional representatives that have their own email list or branding needs
Example holiday ecard with custom interface branding and social media links.
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Holiday eCard with Blue Winter Wreath Blue Winter Wreath
Business Holiday Card
Merry Christmas eCard with pine Green & Gold Pine
Business Holiday Card
Animated Holiday eCard Candles Greetings Animated Candles Greetings
Business Holiday Card
Animated Holiday eCard with Snowflake Animated Snowflake Teal
Business Holiday Card

View Sample eCard & Email Templates

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Top 4 holiday eCard questions

How many people can I send a holiday eCard to at a time?

If you import your contacts into CorpNote and create an Email List in your address book, then you can send up to 2,500 emails with a single click. If you don't want to use the address book, you can copy and paste up to 250 email addresses for each email you send.

Can I see if my holiday eCard has been received? What happens if they click reply?

If your recipients have images set to 'display' in their email, you will see when it was opened and how many times it was viewed. We also track if the browser-based version of your email was viewed. When someone clicks 'reply' to your email, the response gets sent to you - at the email address you use for your CorpNote account.

Can I put my logo on my holiday eCards?

Yes - there are several ways that you can include your logo in your eCards (and email newsletters, invitations and surveys). Your logo can be inserted anywhere in the body of your email message or as part of your email signature that displays at the bottom of the email. You can also upload up to 200 images, which can contain your logo, photos or your own holiday eCard imagery you have designed. If you want the highest level of branding, we offer a custom interface option, which is included in our Multi User Plans, and is available as a one-time upgrade for Single User members.

What kind of open rates should I expect when sending my holiday eCards?

Open rates are determined mostly by the quality of your subject line and your email list. With a permission-based email list, people are more likely to recognize your emails because they have given you permission to email them. We recommend that you set up your account using an email address people will recognize, and only send communications using permission-based email lists.

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Who is using CorpNote?

CorpNote's clients range from established Fortune 500 corporations to small businesses and non-profit organizations. View our Client List and Testimonials
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