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Whether you're the owner of a small business, an administrator for a large company or a marketing department or agency, there are several things to consider when designing a holiday eCard or choosing an eCard service. Here are the questions that we hear most often from people who are researching how and when to send end-of-year holiday eCards.

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When should I send my Holiday eCards?

Animated or Static Holiday eCardsThere are two types of 'holiday senders,' and when to send your eCards depends on your intentions.

If you are sending an eCard for a specific holiday, then people typically want to send eCards immediately preceding the holiday or occasion but winter holiday greetings tend to abide by a different thought process. The busiest time for most people and for email traffic in general is from the day after Thanksgiving (Black Friday) to the following Monday (Cyber Monday). Since most holiday card traffic, however, falls into the category of 'Season's Greetings' or 'End-of-year greetings' messages to employees, customers, vendors and friends, then sending your greetings either the week before Thanksgiving or from the second week in December to after the New Year is the preferred time to send holiday greetings.

For us, membership has historically climbed in the beginning of November, and many users have their end-of-year eCards ready (designs selected and company-approved, email address lists cleaned and entered) and scheduled to be sent the Tuesday people return to work after the Thanksgiving break.

Aside from the actual well-wishes your holiday eCards can communicate, there are other business/marketing benefits to sending end-of-year greetings, which are strengthened if the eCards are sent early:

Since CorpNote allows you to create and schedule an eCard to be sent any day in the future, you can create your eCards any time of year and choose exactly which date you want your eCards to be sent.

For people sending holiday-specific eCards, our recommendations on when your card should be sent/received are as follows:


Thanksgiving cards should arrive no later than the Tuesday afternoon preceding the Thanksgiving Thursday.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

General "Season's Greetings" eCards

Season's Greetings cards can be scheduled to arrive the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving, which for this year is November 28, 2017.



Preferably Chanukah cards should arrive on the first day, but can be sent any time during the holiday. If the holiday falls on a weekend, then cards can arrive the preceding Friday or the first Monday.

Tuesday, December 12 – Wednesday, December 20, 2017


Christmas cards may be sent any time from the week after Thanksgiving right up to December 24th.

Monday, December 25, 2017

New Year's

New Year's cards can be sent between anytime between December 26th and into the first week of the New Year.

Monday, January 1, 2017

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How Much does a Holiday eCard Campaign Cost?

Happy New Year eCard

With CorpNote an effective holiday eCard campaign can be planned for about $60, which is the cost of 3 months of our service. You can spend more or less based on your needs, but that cost probably will represent about 80% of our holiday users this year. Here's what that includes, and where you may wish to deviate.

Our Individual Membership costs $20.00 per month. In order for someone to view your eCard, your account must be active. Most holiday campaigns (based on the timeline we recommend) will cover 3 months. Here is our suggested timeline and associated activities:

Month 1: Open an account around October 20th. Get familiar with it – send yourself and your management team some eCards to see how it works. For example:

(Individual membership includes unlimited use of all these features, so you may as well get the most for your money!)

If your company needs to approve the eCard design or message, then you'll have lots of time to design the card, send it to your team and make final changes.

Here's another good reason to start planning early. If you're not happy using CorpNote for your holiday eCards, our Individual membership has a 10-day money back guarantee. You won't be out a dime, and you'll still have time to pursue other holiday eCard alternatives.

Month 2: November 20 – December 20. With your Holiday eCard approved, you can spend some time cleaning up and importing your contact list. CorpNote lets you copy and paste email addresses directly in the "to:" window, but you'll probably want to create a CorpNote address book, minimally with first name, last name and email address. (This lets you 'auto-insert' people's first name at the top of the card, like "Dear Albert, Dear Betty...")

Company names and birth dates/anniversary dates can be imported at the same time if you'd like to continue using CorpNote for other occasions throughout the year. This is also very helpful if you want use our recurring eCards feature for birthdays, anniversaries, employee recognition and more.

Once your eCard is finalized and your addresses are imported, you can schedule your eCards to be sent. As we mention in the section above, When should I send my Holiday eCards?, you can schedule your eCards to be sent automatically on a specific date that you choose. As soon as your eCards are sent, you'll be able to see who picks them up and when, as well as how many times the eCard has been viewed.

Month 3: December 21 – January 20. Right before the Christmas holiday, you may wish to see who's viewed your eCard, and resend it to anyone who hasn't. You can do this easily from within your CorpNote account.

You can also use our "direct link" feature to post your holiday eCards to your company's social media channels, using our built-in templates and instructions for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more, and even post it on your company's public website.

Since most holiday eCards are viewed during and after the holidays, including a couple of weeks into January, you will want to check who's viewing your eCard during that time. You have the option to cancel your CorpNote account at any time if you feel you no longer need it. To cancel your membership, use our online form a few days before your billing due date, and we'll remove you from our auto-pay system.

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Posting your Holiday eCard in Social Media

Season's Greetings eCard

There are two ways people share or post eCards on social media – posting a link to an eCard on their own social media pages, and posting a card to someone else on their page. Each media channel (E.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Twitter) has its own methods and capabilities. Regardless of the differences, the process is basically the same.

The first thing you need to do is create an eCard and send it to yourself. This lets you proof-read and view the eCard in a browser, exactly how others will see it. If you need to make changes, select "Save a Copy and Edit" in your CorpNote account and resend. Once it's perfect, it will appear in your "Sent Cards" bin.

There are two ways you can share your sent eCard…

Share via a Direct Link: All you need to do is go to your CorpNote 'Sent Cards' page and click 'Copy Link'. You can then copy and paste that link into an email or share that link in social media channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Share via a Share Button: Go to your CorpNote 'Sent Cards' page, find the card and choose the "View/Share" option. You'll be presented with a full-size preview of your eCard along with options to share the card on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+. If you are signed in to your social media account, you'll be presented with options to post on your own page, send to a friend or post to a professional or special interest group to which you belong.

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What Information is on a CorpNote eCard?

Happy Holidays eCard

All CorpNote eCards can be color coordinated to match your company branding, and can contain the following information:

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Animated eCards vs. Static Picture eCard designs

Animated or Static Holiday eCards Over the years, 'animated' eCards developed into the industry standard for the consumer electronic greeting card industry. Online companies like Hallmark, American Greetings and Blue Mountain went head to head creating animated greeting eCards for every imaginable life event. Our Corporate eCard sending stats tell us that there is an even split between companies: some want to send animated eCards, and others want great imagery and branding without all the "Flashy" bells and whistles. CorpNote currently allows our customers to send either. In the case of non-animated eCard designs, members can upload up to 36 photos or images of their own to be used as the picture in non-animated eCards.

Another twist in the quandary over whether to send animated or non-animated eCards has been the rise in the number of people who view their email and browse the web using iPhones, iPads and Android-based mobile phones and tablets. As a result, people sending electronic holiday eCards need to consider this when deciding on whether to send non-animated eCards that everyone can view immediately, or animated eCards that require a click to view the animation in a web browser.

How does CorpNote deal with the animated eCard vs. non-animated eCard dilemma? If a CorpNote Member sends an animated eCard then a static image of the eCard is displayed in the email program with your card text below it. There is a message that displays at the top of your card that lets the viewer know they can click to view the animation.

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Custom eCard Designs

CorpNote can provide custom artwork or company-branded animation to make this year's holiday eCard unique and unforgettable. We only do custom artwork for our CorpNote customers, and if you're considering a custom design we'd rather hear from you sooner than later. You'd be surprised at the last-minute requests we get! Call us at 609-406-1665 M-F 9am to 5pm EST.

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