Newsletter: What's New in Holiday Greeting Cards This Year - Part 2

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QuickSend eCard Templates - an Easy Way to Keep in Touch This Holiday Season

Holiday eCards

There are lots of networking opportunities with business and personal holiday parties. Be prepared to send a quick follow up eCard. It's as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Set up Your eCards in Advance. Create a few cards for 'it was nice meeting you,' 'thank you' and other appropriate sayings. Send the eCard to yourself and make sure it looks exactly the way you want it to. From your Sent Cards bin, click the 'Save eCard As...' button and choose 'Save as a QuickSend Template.' Enter the information that will help you find it easily while you're on your mobile device.

  2. Set Up QuickSend on Your Mobile Device. On your mobile device, go to and either bookmark the page in the browser or choose 'Add to Home Screen' on your Apple device. Sign into your account and make sure all of your QuickSend eCards are displaying in a way that you can easily recognize them.

  3. Send your eCards. When you find an opportunity to keep in touch with someone, bring up the QuickSend screen, choose your eCard template, enter their email address and click send.

Learn more by going to our step-by-step QuickSend eCards tutorial.

Sending personal eCards with a Family Photo or Other Photos

Custom Holiday eCards dropShadow2

Many of our members use CorpNote to send their personal holiday greeting cards. With many mobile devices providing excellent photos through built in cameras, people are taking more pictures than ever! Here is a brief tutorial on how to create a custom holiday card from a family photo or other photo like this beach scene for a 2014 holiday card.

Note: To edit your photo and create your card, you'll need image editing software or an online editing service. Adobe Photoshop or Photo Elements software is very popular and capable; if you want a really good free online service, we recommend checking out Pixlr Editor.

  1. Choose your Photo and Embellish. You should start with a good quality photo at the highest resolution. Make a 'copy' of the original file. Crop your image if needed and add text and other embellishments if desired.

  2. Resize your Photo. Use an image editing program that enables you to change your image size into pixels. Change the size of your image to be no larger than 600px wide and no larger than 600 px high.

  3. Save your Image. Save your final image in any of the following file types: JPG, PNG or BMP. Remember the directory where you saved your file.

  4. Upload your Image. Sign into your account and go to My Account > Upload Custom Cards. Click on the button 'Upload Custom Cards' and choose the new file you just created. You will now see this as a custom card.

  5. Create your Card. Go to eCards > Create New and click the link for 'custom cards'. You will see your new card and can click to select it for sending. Create your eCard as you normally would.

For more detailed instructions, visit the following tutorials:
How to Create a Custom eCard
Upload and Manage your Custom eCards

Thank You eCards - Appropriate for Any Time of Year

Thank You eCards

In speaking with our members, we've discovered an interesting growing trend. People are sending end of year thank you eCards to customers, family and friends. Rather than sending the traditional Season's Greetings or New Year's eCards, they choose a Thank You eCard design and include a note of why they are thankful for the relationship.

New Year's eCards

The New Year is almost here and maybe you haven't sent your Season's Greetings eCards yet. Don't panic - with CorpNote, it's no problem! We have seen a growing trend where many people send their New Year's greetings after January 1st. After all of the holiday festivities in the end of December, sending an eCard in the first two weeks of the New Year may have less of a chance of getting lost in the holiday shuffle. Here is an example of a New Year's eCard that can be sent after January 1st.

From all of us at CorpNote, we hope you have a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

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