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Managing Email Lists and Using the Address Book

Holiday eCards

By importing your contacts into the Corpnote Address Book, you can easily track and manage your communications. Here are some of the primary advantages to using the address book:

Tips for Making the most of the CorpNote Address Book

Managing Holiday Party Invitations

Custom Holiday eCards

From creating and sending your holiday party invitations to following up before and after the event, CorpNote has you covered!

Step 1. Create your invitation list. To most efficiently manage your event, you will need your recipients' first name, last name and email address. Create a file with this information and import it into your CorpNote address book or, if you are already using the address book, create a "group" with the people you wish to invite.

Step 2. Create your event. Include all the basic information and directions to the event. We also recommend setting an RSVP cut-off date so you will receive responses in a timely manner. At any time, you can extend the RSVP date to a later date.

If you have meal choices or other questions that you would like to ask your guests, use the two optional multiple-choice questions. If you have more questions or want more flexibility, you can create an online survey that can be included in the invitation. You can include a link to both a survey and your event response form in the same eCard.

CorpNote can send an email notification when someone responds so don't forget to select to be sent a cumulative email (sent once per day) or each time someone responds. The latter option will include all of the guest's response details.

Step 3. Compose your invitation eCard Choose from CorpNote's eCard designs by selecting either the 'invitation' or 'Season's Greetings' category or upload a custom design of your own (view the tutorial: Custom eCard Designs).


Step 4. Send your invitation. When you compose your eCard, select the event (and related survey) you want to associate with your eCard. This will insert the link that enables your guests to RSVP online. No matter how many eCards you send for that event, as long as you associate each eCard with that specific event, CorpNote will automatically consolidate your invitation list. The invitation list also enables you to re-send the invitation to people who have not picked up or responded to the invitation eCard. (View the tutorial: Creating and Sending an Online Invitation)

Step 5. Monitor Responses. You can follow your responses in real-time. If someone calls to respond or change their response, you can easily make this change by going to the 'Manage Responses' area for that event. You can also easily send an event reminder to all the people who replied they are attending and you can create Excel worksheets for attendance, nametags and more.

Step 6. After Party Follow Up. Send Thank You eCards after the event by going to your "Guest List." You can also send an after party survey that can include questions about their satisfaction with the facility (which is helpful for future party planning) or ideas they have for next year's party.

Creating, Sharing and Tracking your Holiday eCards

Custom Holiday eCards

Step 1. Creating your eCard

When selecting a design, you can choose one of our holiday card designs or upload your own image. (Tutorials: Create Your own eCard Designs from Photos or Graphic Art and Sending eCards with a Family Photo or Other Photos)

The eCard signature can appear at the bottom of every eCard, and can contain information such as name, title, company logo, business contact information and social media links. Each eCard gives you the opportunity to easily select what you want to display (or not display). For example: when sending an eCard to business contacts, you might want to include all of the fields; but, an eCard for your nephew might omit the signature entirely. (Tutorial: Custom Signature)

Templates enables you to send the same eCard as many times as you like. eCards created from templates can also be modified as needed. The main benefits for using templates: faster sending of eCards and it ensures that you have proofread the eCard. (Once it goes out, you can't take it back)

Step 2. Sending and Sharing your eCard Enticing subject lines and a high quality permission-based email list will always give you the highest eCard pickup success rate.

Step 3. Tracking

With traditional printed holiday cards, you don't always know that your holiday wishes have been received. This is where holiday eCards really shine! You can track your eCard pickup in real-time by going to the Sent eCards section.

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