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Creating custom eCard designs with photos / images

Custom Holiday eCards

Creating your own eCard imagery can be rewarding for you and special to your eCard recipients. For example, you can create holiday eCards with pictures of your staff volunteering for local organizations or your office/store decked out for the holidays. So if you haven't thought of creating your own eCard this holiday season, we encourage you to think again.

Our artists use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for image editing but there are many options available. has a free and mobile application that enables lots of fun effects including image montages. If you like being creative, you should definitely check it out!

If you haven't already reviewed the tutorial for "How to Create a Custom eCard from a Photo or Digital Art," we encourage you to do so before reading the following tips.

1. Image Start Size. CorpNote uses a 4x3 ratio, width to height. The final art maximum size is 600 pixels square; but, the CorpNote system displays eCards best in 600 pixels wide by 450 high (a 4 x 3 ratio). You can always start bigger, but when you have thin lines and small text it can get distorted or unreadable when you resize your final image to 600 pixels wide. That is why it is helpful for you to create your art in the actual finished size that it will appear on a CorpNote eCard.

2. Using a Photo or Image. When using a photo or other pre-existing art image, first make a copy so you don't overwrite your original file, and then scale it to fit the 600 x 450 (or your choice) pixel area. You may have to crop out some of the image to make it fit the size and ratio, but this will give you an accurate idea of whether the art will look good at this specific size. If it doesn't, try using a higher resolution graphic or another graphic that will better fit the dimensions.

3. Add embellishments and text. In most graphics programs, you can add corner embellishments and more. There are also tools where you can draw your own elements. offers some special effects and ready-made art elements that enable you to design attractive art within just a few minutes.

4. Export your image. Our sizing guidelines are as follows or you can follow the instructions in our tutorial mentioned above.

5. Upload your Image. You can upload up to 36 eCard designs of your own. To use your own eCard designs, you can get to them from the 'My Account' page or choose eCards > Create New from the navigation. Under the Card designs area, click the 'Custom Cards' link and select an image to start composing your eCard as usual.

Enjoy being creative, and feel free to contact us if you have questions!

Advantages of using a Multi-User Plan during the holidays

Custom Holiday eCards

Companies of all sizes use CorpNote because it's advertising free and they can customize it to meet their business needs. It's particularly helpful during the holidays. Multi-User Plan Members have all of the features available to Individual Plan Members, plus these significant additional advantages:

  1. Plan administrators can customize the entire website to have the look and feel of their brand, including the graphics/colors and links. Multi-User Plan Members and eCard recipients will see this branding. Many of our members will change the branding and color scheme to match the holiday.

  2. Plan administrators can add users, each with their own personal CorpNote account from which they can send eCards, invitations and surveys to their own private contacts. All eCards are sent 'from' each individual member, with their specific contact information and photo/logo in the signature area. Each user can also manage their own online address book.

  3. Plan administrators can choose which eCard designs their employees can use, and can create approved company templates of eCards to share with their members. They can also block all CorpNote eCard designs and just use the designs they have provided for their members. To further ensure consistency in branding and message, administrators can design complete eCard templates, with approved company colors, body text and email subject lines. Employees can then select these 'ready-to-send' eCards with a single click.

We certainly hope you will find good reasons to use CorpNote all year round and not just for the winter holidays. But, if you choose not to, you can de-activate members after the holiday season and re-activate them for the next season. You must minimally keep the plan administrator's account activated to avoid paying the setup fee again. Plus all of your settings will be saved.

End of year surveys to help you successfully move forward into the New Year

Custom Holiday eCards

Online surveys are a great way to keep in touch with customers and give employees a chance to contribute to your organization. Plus, surveys are included in your CorpNote monthly membership at no additional cost. Here are some ideas for end-of-year surveys.

Employee Party Follow Up Survey

A follow up survey after a company holiday party is a great way to find out what worked and what didn't, what was missing and what was excessive. All too often, party planners are so busy 'managing' during an event that they don't get to spend time with their guests. By creating and sending a survey after a party, you'll connect with every guest and give them a chance to provide their impressions of the event which is a valuable resource for making next year's event even better!

Customer Service Year-end Survey

Your customers are your greatest asset. Customer service surveys generally address:

Once you have created all of your questions, ask yourself what insight the answers will provide and how each translates to an actionable item for your business. Can you get the same answers with fewer questions? Pairing down the number of questions will be easier for the people responding as well as your creating action items from the results.

Feel free to share your experiences with us either privately through our online form or on our Facebook page.

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