Newsletter: Bosses Day and Employee Appreciation

Bosses Day is October 16th and it's the perfect time for not only employees to think of their bosses but for bosses to think of their employees too. It takes both parts of a team to be successful! In this issue we explore low cost ways to celebrate bosses day as well as ways to show appreciation to employees.

Bosses Day

Bosses Day eCards

Patricia Haroski of the United States, created National Bosses Day in 1958 in honor of her father. She felt he was an exemplary boss and the date of the holiday is Oct. 16, her father's birthday. Bosses Day has become an international celebration and is now observed in countries such as South Africa, England, and Australia.

Many people have trouble deciding whether a gift or an eCard is appropriate for Bosses day. It's a tough call. Think of your boss's personality (their likes and dislikes) and whether a gift would seem overindulgent or completely appropriate.

If you send a Bosses Day eCard, you could thank your boss for the help and guidance they have given you or write down your thoughts on why you think your boss has done a great job over the past year. (A top ten list of reasons why your boss is the best is a thoughtful, memorable and fun option!) CorpNote has a wide variety of Bosses Day eCards but sending a thank you eCard would also be appropriate. CorpNote members can make their own custom Bosses Day eCards and upload them into their account. View our tutorial on how to make a custom eCard.

If you give a gift, think of the impression you want to make and keep your budget within reason. Consider asking your colleagues what they plan to do for Bosses Day, since you might want to all pool together for a gift.

Our top 3 favorites for Bosses Day Gifts

  1. Have each employee sign a poster and have them list one quality they admire about their boss
  2. Fill your bosses office with balloons
  3. Do something for your boss that you know they have to do but they really dislike

Be creative! But make sure your boss wouldn't be offended or embarrassed by what you have planned.

Employee Appreciation

Employee appreciation initiatives can significantly increase a company's bottom line.

You are a Star - Boss Day eCards

We know that thanking our employees is something we should do because it's kind; but, an appreciated employee is also a more productive employee. Employee appreciation is a hot topic because it boosts office morale and makes for a more pleasurable work environment. That happiness is then 'infectious' and that's a GOOD thing! Happy employees also lead to happy customers!

Here are some ways you can thank your employees today and throughout the year.

  1. Send a conratulations or thank you eCard to acknowledge an employee's accomplishments. If appropriate, post it on your company's Facebook or LinkedIn page. (Click here to learn how to post your employee appreciation eCards in social media)
  2. Recognize a staff member who is pursuing or who has just completed a continuing education course.
  3. Put a bulletin board in a place that all employees can see and post thank you notes, awards etc. to recognize employee achievements.
  4. Post framed certificates of employees of the month with a few paragraphs as to why they were selected for the honor.
  5. Do a least favorite task for an employee as a 'thank you'.
  6. Look at the unsung heroes on your team. You may discover that an employee does a lot of volunteer work or other things to benefit their community. Recognize them for it.
  7. Have a small informal awards ceremony every 6 months, or once a year, with categories like 'Most Productive' and 'Happiest Co-Worker' etc. Keep it business focussed only. Use CorpNote's online surveys feature to tally the votes.
  8. Have an employee rewards program where they get points for different things they do to help during the day such as 'team work' and 'participates in meetings' etc. The person who gets the most points at the end of the month gets a gift certificate to a local restaurant or store.
  9. Have a recognition 'drop box' where employees can write on an index card (located next to the box) why an employee deserves recognition. Before a meeting, read 'postive' submissions to the group and compliment the employee.

These are just a few suggestions and we're sure you can come up with more! Feel free to share them on our Facebook page.

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