Newsletter: Easy Ways to Create Better Customer Relationships

A customer appreciation strategy can benefit businesses by improving customer retention which leads to higher profits, happy customers and happy employees. This issue of our newsletter provides tips you can use when planning your customer appreciation strategies and ways to use CorpNote to achieve those goals.

In this issue:

Birthday and Anniversary Cards

Here's an example of a customer appreciation strategy of sending birthday and anniversary cards.

A key strategy in a customer appreciation program is to send a birthday card with a coupon for a discount, free delivery or something else of value the customer will appreciate. If the company doesn't know the customer's birthday, they can still send a card to celebrate the "anniversary" date of when the customer first made a purchase with them.

It's a proven strategy that works for many companies. You may already have this program in place; but, how can you make this simple strategy even better?

One of our members shared this story...

"Every year I get a birthday coupon from Kohl's. It's always a little more than their usual sales flyer and it does get me to stroll into the store to see if there is something I might like for myself or someone else in my life. This past year, I went as usual and when I presented the coupon, the cashier looked at me with a big smile and enthusiastically said 'Happy Birthday! Did you find what you were looking for?' Of course I couldn't help but smile back and the smile stayed on my face for the rest of the exchange while checking out. Other people in line even wished me a happy birthday."

The above example really shows how customer appreciation is more than just about sending a coupon. In this case, the coupon was of more value than the store's regular discounts/coupons and their employee greeted the customer with recognition and enthusiasm. The result - a happy customer, a happy employee and Kohl's made a profit.

The take away: Making your employees aware of customer appreciation strategies is an important piece of the puzzle. Some companies will even put a unique identifier in the coupon code to let their employees and their online ordering system know that the customer transaction is related to a birthday, anniversary or other special occasion so they can respond accordingly.

thumb_up CorpNote Tips
Did you know you can set up a recurring eCard series to be used for your customer appreciation campaign? Just import your contacts with their birthday, anniversary or start date, create your eCards and then set the interval to have CorpNote send them for you.

To learn more, view our recurring eCards tutorial.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Customer satisfaction surveys help you understand your customers needs and to make sure you are meeting them.

What are your customers thinking after they've made a purchase? Are they happy with the purchase and are they likely to buy again and/or recommend your company? Rather than guess, it's important to know!

By surveying your customers, you may get an unexpected response that could lead to a better relationship with an already happy customer or, more importantly, resolve an issue with an unhappy one. It's important to be proactive and ask for feedback before a crisis strikes.

Here's an example...A customer goes to a restaurant and is served a meal they were less than happy with but the server never asked or they were with people and didn't want to make a fuss. At this point, the customer might think 'I'll just never go back' so there's no need to say anything. The customer is signing the check and sees a link to a survey on their receipt. So they fill out the survey providing honest feedback and they get a substantial enough coupon that they try the restaurant again. This time they had a good experience and decide they will go back.

The point of the example is that a customer may have a bad experience that isn't really indicative of the quality your company normally provides and it would be a shame to lose them as a customer! By providing the customer with an opportunity to give their feedback and the company's willingness to make it right, both the customer and the company have an opportunity to save the relationship and be happy with the outcome.

thumb_up CorpNote Tips
Online surveys are included in all of our memberships, so if you haven't used our survey feature, we encourage you to give it a try! Not only are surveys a great way to hear from your customers, they are a great way to stay top-of-mind with them when they go to make their next purchase.

To learn more, view our Online Surveys tutorial.

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