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We recently changed our navigation to make it easier to find all of the resources available to you so you can use CorpNote more productively and more often! The following resources are all free and as you know, you can send an unlimited number of eCards, invitations and surveys per month. So, why not get the most out of your membership every month and check out these helpful tips?

The Newsletter

Great News eCards

We haven’t had a newsletter in a few years because the blog and the pic of the day seemed to cover a lot of what we were writing about in our newsletters. popular request, we will be providing a newsletter at least monthly which will focus either on an upcoming holiday, a new feature release or specific topics like holiday party invitations. If you have any suggestions or something you would like us to cover in an upcoming issue, please let us know!  [back to newsletter home page]

CorpNote's Blog

Blog posts are usually from the President or our Director of Member Services. We use our blog to announce new site features, provide tips on how to get the most out of your CorpNote membership and explore internet marketing trends like posting eCards in Facebook. We welcome your comments - you can send them to us from each blog entry. Also feel free to interact with us in our social media channels. A lot of really great information and feature updates come out of 'chatting' with our customers!  [view the blog]

Pic of the Day

eCards for business

Have fun and get inspired! At least once a week we highlight one of our unique eCard images that could be a photo, animation, digital art or fine art. What makes CorpNote's Pic of the Day unique is its blog-like supporting content that provides great tips on how to use that day's 'Pic' for business to keep in touch with customers, prospects and friends. We’ve also been known to provide 'behind-the-scene' stories about how the eCard was created and no-holds-barred editorial commentary.

If you haven't been following our Pic of the Day, you can easily browse our prior 'Pics' by clicking on the 'archives' button. You may even want to start at the beginning! On occasion, we do post some really wacky stuff. (Our pic of the day from 10/23/11 is pretty amusing.)  [view the Pic of the Day]


Our tutorials section has evolved to give you everything you need - from 'getting started' to more advanced topics like 'creating your own custom eCards'. Over the next few months we will be adding even more tutorials and videos, and updating existing tutorials to include the exciting new CorpNote features we've added. You can also contact us if you need help.

This winter we will be adding a new section that will be our 'Power Users Guide.' This guide will be for the experienced CorpNote user who wants to leverage more business opportunities and experience more value from their CorpNote membership. Watch for the announcement in Facebook and our newsletter.  [view tutorials]

Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure how to do something? Do you want to improve your click-through success or learn ways to cut through spam filters? Search our Frequently Asked Questions section. We also have our FAQs organized by category so you can browse a particular subject like invitations.  [view our FAQs]

Follow CorpNote in Social Media

Follow CorpNote on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter to get updates about all of our resources in your news feed. This is especially helpful if you don't visit CorpNote every day and you still want to be notified of new additions! The following is a great example of why you might want to follow us.

"I am so glad I follow your posts on Facebook. I saw your pic of the day post on Happy Anniversary eCards and I thought of a potential client that I knew who was celebrating their one year anniversary that week. I sent them an anniversary eCard and they ended up calling me to do business..."

As always, we value your suggestions and so do our members! If you have a tip on how you use CorpNote, let us know. We will be posting some of them in our next newsletter and on Facebook with credit to the person.

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