Newsletter: Email vs. Social and How to make a Custom Interface

Email Marketing vs. Social Media: The Inbox Advantage

We're continuing our Electronic Marketing series with a critical look at social media. Has the popularity of the medium reached a critical mass? Are your posts cutting through the clutter? And if they are being seen, are they producing the desired results? As advocates of email marketing, we compare the strengths and struggles of posting in social, and give some solid reasons why permission-based inbox marketing has some targeted advantages. Read the blog: Email Marketing vs. Social Media

Featured Video: How to create a Custom Interface in CorpNote

Small businesses and big businesses have one thing in common: the importance of brand recognition. From the beginning, CorpNote has positioned itself as an easy-to-use resource that gives everyone the ability to create professional communications that are visually branded to match their company look. In our new How-to video, we'll demo a powerful feature of CorpNote that lets you customize our entire website - and your eCards - with additional branding opportunities, including top logos and colors and persistent footer links with your website and contact information.

Custom interfaces aren't new to CorpNote - we've been allowing our Multi-user members (formally Company members) to adapt the site to match their own website for years. What is newsworthy is that this popular feature is now available as an add-on to our Individual memberships, which means that any account, large or small, can customize the CorpNote experience and build more brand recognition for their company.

In this video, you'll see how to add the Custom Interface option, the steps for customizing the site and your eCards, and we'll demonstrated how quick and easy it is to send an eCard with the new CorpNote v.2.0!

More eMarketing Resources are Coming Soon

In the next installment of our eMarketing series we'll discuss how the time you spend creating and sending custom eCards in CorpNote can be leveraged for extra exposure in your social media. Stay tuned!

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