Newsletter: Ways to Recognize and Appreciate your Employees throughout the Year

Employee Appreciation Day is March 2nd but it's important to look at employee appreciation and recognition as a year-round endeavor. Here are some ways to recognize and appreciate your employees throughout the year.

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Employee Milestones: Celebrating Work Anniversaries and Completion of Projects

A popular item in employee recognition programs is to send eCards to employees on their work anniversary.

One of the most popular forms of employee recognition is to send greeting cards to employees on their work anniversary thanking them for their years of dedication to the company. Since eCards are easy to send and our service enables you to send an unlimited number of eCards each month, consider also sending an eCard to congratulate employees when they complete a project, get a promotion or make it to some other important milestone. Everyone likes to feel recognized for their efforts and sending an electronic greeting card can very quickly and affordably let someone know how much you value their hard work.

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Our Recurring eCards tool can automate the process of sending work anniversary eCards. Here's how it works:

Once it's set up, CorpNote will automatically personalize and send the anniversary cards you have pre-designed. All you have to do is add and remove employees to your online 'anniversary card' contact list and CorpNote will do the rest.

To learn more, view our Recurring eCard tutorial.

Congratulations: Recognizing Accomplishments and Compliments

Recognize an employee's hard work with a personalized eCard and follow up with a personal thank you.

As discussed in our blog this week, Tips for Recognizing and Appreciating Your Company's Best Asset - Your Employees, there are many different ways to recognize and congratulate employees for their efforts and this can be done on a weekly or monthly basis. You will also need to choose how you will recognize them. The most popular ways are:

Never underestimate the power of appreciating someone. When a person feels appreciated, it is highly probable that they will be more confident as they move forward in their position.

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Surveys: Get Great Ideas

Surveys are an invaluable tool for keeping in touch with your employees and getting their suggestions.

Surveys are an invaluable tool for keeping in touch with your employee's needs and complaints so you can quickly remedy a situation. But did you know surveys can also be helpful when used to ask for suggestions?

Your employees are a great resource for suggestions on how something could be done more efficiently or cost effectively. Consider having a "Great Ideas" survey that is available year-round for your employees to volunteer their suggestions. If you find you are not getting as much feedback as you would like, consider doing a monthly drawing for a prize from all of the people who submitted suggestions and announce the winner.

Two key tips for employee surveys:

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Keep It Anonymous or Collect Personal Information. Our survey feature enables you to control what personal information you collect from your respondents. For example, you might want to set your survey to 'anonymous' when asking for complaints (or even suggestions) to encourage honest feedback. Or you may have the opposite situation where you want personal information so you can do a drawing or when you need to know the employee's specific information. You can even require fields such as name and email address.

Get an Email When Someone Responds. CorpNote's survey tool allows you to set email notices when someone submits a response to your online survey. This is helpful if you have a survey that doesn't get responses often or you want to know when you have received responses.

Get More Detailed Information from your Respondents. You can combine the answer format of radio button, checkbox or a rating scale with an open text comments box. This is useful when employees want to share why they gave a positive or negative rating answer to the question or for submitting new ideas.

Birthdays and Anniversaries: Appreciate an Employee on their Special Day

Sending birthday cards is one of the easiest and most popular forms of employee appreciation.

Sending birthday cards is one of the easiest and most popular forms of employee appreciation. Birthday cards can be a printed card or they can be electronic. What's important is that you remembered the employee on their special day.

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CorpNote has many built in features that can help you automate the timely sending of a thoughtful birthday or anniversary card:

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Tips for Recognizing and Appreciating Your Company's Best Asset - Your Employees
This week's theme was inspired by Employee Appreciation Day which is March 2nd. The terms employee appreciation and employee recognition are often used interchangeably but they are actually two different things. We explain the difference and provide ideas for your employee appreciation and recognition efforts.

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