Newsletter: Fun and Tasteful Ideas for a Happy Halloween

Halloween is observed on October 31st around the world. Halloween activities usually involve trick or treating, costumes, parties, and carving pumpkins. If your business sells Halloween products, then you know that sending eCards for your Halloween promotions and coupons is a great way to drive business. But what about Halloween celebrations for the average business? It's our job every year to come up with out of the ordinary and clever ways to celebrate each holiday and Halloween is no exception!

The Business of Halloween

Halloween eCards and invitations

Halloween is a great holiday because it's non secular and can be celebrated by many different people and age groups. It's a time for parties, fun and family. Here are some Halloween ideas to get your business in the Halloween spirit while possibly gaining a client or two!

Drum up a little business. Plan an elegant or pretty (not scary) Halloween office party. Invite clients and prospects and ask them to bring their kids for trick or treating. Make sure there is lots of food, pretty Halloween decorations and easy games like guess how many candy corn are in the bowl.

Send a Halloween eCard that's unusual. Provide a fun, easy Halloween recipe like cupcakes with orange and purple swirl frosting topped with orange sugar crystals or a special Halloween drink made from orange juice layered with whipped cream and drizzled with chocolate syrup.

Inspire a little competition. Buy a giant pumpkin and put your company name and/or logo on it. Put it in the foyer of your office building and have people guess the weight of the pumpkin. Winners get a prize (related to your company's offerings). We especially like this idea because it can be used for Halloween and/or Thanksgiving.

Be charitable. With a similar idea to the above, have people enter a fifty-fifty when they guess the weight of the pumpkin. Half of the proceeds go to charity and half goes to the winner. Another variation is all of the monetary proceeds go to charity and the winners get a prize of your choosing.

Be part of the community. Have a Halloween food drive or clothing drive to help local centers in need. Decorate the area with festive, beautiful Halloween decorations.

Check out our Pinterest Halloween board where we have collected some elegant Halloween food, decorating and game ideas for Halloween office parties.

Celebrating Halloween and Mixing it Up with a Little Employee Appreciation

Companies will generally celebrate a holiday that is celebrated by their employees and Halloween is the second most popular holiday (with Christmas and New Year celebrations being at the top). Why is Halloween so popular?

Halloween is a great office holiday for 2 reasons: 1. it is non-secular and most employees will participate 2. candy brings out the kid in most of us.

Here are some ideas for a fun Halloween with your office mates

These are just a few suggestions and we're sure you can come up with more! Feel free to share them on our Facebook page.

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